Radio Sport

I listened to Mattry Deakers show to day and felt Marry has lost it. His support od Andy Hayden was strange indeed.

I think his show as grown old: compared to Martin Devlin on Live. All his callers seemed old and ill in formed. There was little to laugh about or smile about.  Using John Ashhead to comment on the Football was okay but I felt he was a little out of touch.”


So ts about time for Marry to move on. Radio Sport must be kicking themselves  that they didnt grab Devlin when he was available.

Tony Veitch will be returning to the airwaves next year, after being hired on contract by The Radio Network, owners of Newstalk ZB and Radio Sport.

He will be a sports journalist-newsreader for both stations from early January 2010.

General Manager Bill Francis says opinions from the public, and the sporting world were sought and they all thought Veitch should be back on radio.

It is almost a year-and-a-half since Veitch was suspended and then resigned as Radio Sport breakfast host on July 17, 2008, following a domestic dispute which was dealt with by the court.