So after last nights Rabbit challenge, tonight we have the elimination round with two duos safe – Tanisha and Venera (Green Aprons) and Karena and Kasey (Pink aprons).

Pre-Show Highly Scientific Masterchef Duo Rankings:

7 (down from 4): Jack and Cerry (White aprons): The happy-go-lucky attitude is entertaining, but it does not instill a lot of hope that they can make it through this elimination.

6 (up from 7):  Glynn and James (Light blue aprons): How many more challenges can they fluke their way through?

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Welcome to my first ever recap of anything ever!

Right, before the show gets under way tonight I thought I would give my rankings for the Top 7 at this stage in the competition.

Highly Scientific Masterchef Duo Rankings:

7.  Glynn and James (Light blue aprons) – These guys seem to me like they entered the competition for a bit of a laugh and are surprised that they are still here.  They came on Masterchef having never done any baking. What the truck?!  They both CAN cook, but I see them as least likely to win in the end, and it seems as though they would agree. Continue reading »