Rapid Response

8:00pm Monday, March 5 on TV One

Rapid Response is an action packed, emotionally charged, real-life medical emergency series that tells dramatic and unpredictable stories of everyday New Zealanders in their hour of need, tended to by the Ambulance Officers of St John.

Paramedic Sarah Obbeek left a career in journalism after her sister was diagnosed with cancer. Her passing inspired Sarah to join the medical field, while her background training means she is well-suited to life in front of the camera.

Tonight, Sarah must keep her emotions at bay as she tends to a child who is hit by a car while riding her bike.

Elsewhere, Intensive Care paramedic Marcel Driessen is called when a tagger is badly beaten by an angry local, and a grandmother collapses in the street beside her eight-year-old grandson.

Missed an episode of Rapid Response? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘ on demand’.

8:00pm Monday, January 16 on TV One

Rapid Response returns to TV ONE in a new series following the life-threatening and emotionally charged situations encountered by St John Ambulance officers as they tend to New Zealanders in trouble.

Be inspired by the medical emergency heroes as they save lives in extraordinary circumstances.

The first episode of this action-packed series includes the aftermath of a gang turf war; intensive care paramedic Marcel Driessen treats a graffiti artist who has been badly beaten for tagging by an angry local; a young man is stabbed in mysterious circumstances; and paramedic Andrew Fergusson is called to a man who has been attacked with a bottle by his mates, following a three-day drinking binge.

Intensive care paramedic Bryan Dittmer is first on the scene at a shocking industrial accident, where every moment is precious as a man risks losing his hand; Marc Armstrong manages a high-speed, drug-fueled crash involving six motorists; while Sheryl-Lee Moorby improvises a new use for a breathing tube in an attempt to save the life of a child.

Missed an episode of Rapid Response? Full episodes are available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.

8:00pm Monday, June 21 on TV One

Local show Rapid Response returns for a third series (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE) following the life-threatening and emotionally-charged situations encountered by St John ambulance officers as they tend to, and save the lives of people in their homes, work-places and on the streets. Rapid Response delivers diverse and moving real-life medical-emergency stories.

In the new series, the team accompany previously featured advanced paramedics; Nick Scott, who is called to a viscous dog attack; John Takerei who is confronted with the trauma of a boy racer car crash and an alcohol-fuelled assault; and Mike McAuley who tends to a man suffering his sixth heart attack.

In the first episode, advanced paramedic Paul Dillon arrives at a crash scene where a husband has towed his wife into the path of an on-coming truck; a forklift crushes a man’s foot; and a domestic emergency requires urgent attention.

Missed an episode of Rapid Response – full episodes are available online. Go to tvnz.co.nz and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

Monday 20 April, 8pm

Top-rating local series Rapid Response returns to TV ONE at 8pm tonight, documenting more real-life medical emergencies from Auckland’s homes, workplaces and streets. Combining dramatic re-enactments, interviews and real-life action, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how an average day can suddenly go horribly wrong – and how the paramedics of St John save lives.

Tonight, a man is found unconscious on the street by a father dropping his daughter off at pre-school. Paramedics rush to a critical situation where a woman has attempted to save a man’s life, and are later forced to improvise when they are called to a domestic accident.

In this new series, catch up with familiar faces such as Nick Scott, who comes to the aid of a young woman hit by a car while crossing a road after a meal out with friends. Mike McAuley speeds to a paraglider who has crash-landed on a cliff-top, and Stefan Gabor goes beyond the call of duty by swimming after a man intent on heading out to sea – fully clothed and clutching his Bible.

Meet new guys, such as Marcel Driessen, who is called to help a man attacked by his neighbour with a beer bottle, and then to a mother whose car explodes into flames. And meet Derek Liefting, who responds to a mother’s worst nightmare when her son and daughter’s car plummets down a steep bank.

Rapid Response Monday 5 November, 8pm

Advanced paramedic Mike McAuley followed in the footsteps of his mother when he joined the St John team. Seeing her as a St John volunteer, combined with his experience of living on a bad road and attending multiple accidents, inspired him to pursue a career with the service. Now an advanced paramedic, McAuley drives a Rapid Response vehicle. It’s a job McAuley says he loves: “No two situations are the same, it’s definitely challenging, but ultimately rewarding.”

Packed with emergency medical supplies and driven by advanced paramedics, the four-wheel-drive vehicles are the modern face of St John’s medical emergency call-out work in New Zealand’s largest city – Auckland. They are designed to quickly respond and arrive on location at major medical emergencies.
New local series Rapid Response follows these advanced paramedics showing an assortment of real-life situations, as they respond to New Zealanders in their homes, workplaces and on the streets, in their hour of need (tonight at 8pm on TV ONE). Often dealing with matters of life and death, Rapid Response contains a diverse collection of stories.

Rapid Response producer Jeff Cameron says the St John staff were inspirational as the cameras filmed them operating under difficult and challenging circumstances.

“Although the series contains dramatic medical emergency stories, the cameras also captured some of the more bizarre incidents and characters along the way.”

Stories covered include: a Hare Krishna Monk kicked in the head by his cow; a man who attempted to save his treasured car and was dragged along the road after his foot became stuck; a young girl who choked on a diamond ring; a man bitten and attacked with a pair of scissors; a lady trapped in her backyard; and a family day out sledding at a nearby reserve that ended in severe pain.

“From its dramatic re-enactments of accidents and incidents, through to the final interviews with patients and victims, Rapid Response gives viewers the chance to get to know the advanced paramedics and the people they help,” says Cameron.

Episode one sees a mercy-dash for a severe asthma attack victim; the advanced paramedics respond to a victim brutally attacked with a piece of 4×2; and baby Tom keep his parents up all night sick with worry.