Real Stories

Friday, February 2nd at 9:30pm

Real Stories immerses you into the world of the peculiar and fascinating stories which are very clearly, not real, screening Friday, February 2nd at 9:30pm.

Executive Produced by Rove McManus, Real Stories is a weekly half-hour Australian comedy series containing three to four unrelated mini-mockumentaries per show.

Within all these fictional stories, the principal characters are played by the same three actors – Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton, while Jennifer Adams serves as the anchor that links reality with the absurd.

The four 25-year-olds, (the boys have an Australian nationally syndicated radio program), write, act, shoot, direct and edit the whole show.

Whilst on many levels it appears identical to a salacious tabloid show – it parodies the whole genre from documentary style profiles to network news stories.

“They cover different people and issues, including a 27-year-old man who’s been in his home, grounded for the past 15 years, New Zealand’s urgent Water Wasting campaign, and a dog who’s undergone “transpeciel” surgery to become a man,” says co-writer and star Ryan Shelton.

The stories include people such as Trevin Terry, the somewhat naïve man who paid for a Russian mail-order bride with disastrous consequences; and Brian Holloroy, a true unsung hero who cares for invalids who have been ostracised – a man who, until now, has not been acknowledged.

Each week different Australian celebrities from the world of entertainment make cameos, including a hilarious appearance from talk-show host and Executive Producer Rove McManus who stars as Australia’s most influential church critic.

“We were so lucky with the amount of cameos that agreed to come and be on the show. A few of the people we knew beforehand and just asked a favour of them, but the majority came from literally just sending them a script and asking nicely,” says Shelton.

Tune in to Australia’s hit new comedy Real Stories, screening Friday, February 2nd at 9:30pm.