Real Swiss Family Robinson

7:30pm Friday, April 23 on Prime

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Blanches in Tanzania

Hospitality king and queen, Chris Edwardes and Amanda Blanch have worked round the clock for the last nine years to make a success of their hotel – and a dinner club in Brighton. But since the recession they’ve hit crisis point. They’re struggling to stay afloat with an enormous million pound loan to pay off. That would be bad enough, but for Amanda it’s made worse by the guilt she feels for work having got in the way of family life – and time she hasn’t spent with her children, 18 yr old Jake, and 16 yr old India. They head off for three weeks on an island off Pemba in Tanzania, to spend much needed time as a family – and to make some key decisions about what to do with their sinking business. It’s a whole new world for the Blanch family as they overcook octopus the boys have spent hours hunting for and then after stumbling knee deep in mud for a crab, struggle to cook that too.

But once they adapt to their new African environment and get a taste of local life, they come away with very different priorities and a new way to battle their massive debt.

7:30pm Friday, April 16 on Prime

Reality Series

Hunts In Cook Islands The high earning – high spending Hunt family from Swindon who are used to a big house and a lavish lifestyle head off to The Cook Islands in the Pacific.

Dad Rikki is a big businessman, but Mum Laura feels that money is their biggest bugbear and that the kids are far too used to having it all on a plate. She’s desperate for the family to give back to basic living a go and explore how they can change their ways.

As they arrive on Atiu in the Cook Islands they face tropical storms, struggle to make a watertight shelter, and 19 year-old Chris uses up their much needed food supplies, a can of sardines, on what turns out to be an unsuccessful fishing trip. But as their local guide Ngaa opens their eyes up to some of the islands riches of taro, the local staple, and a wealth of tropical fruits, Laura is in her element as this is just what she came for. Can she convince her high earning, business obsessed husband and their three kids that there’s much to be gained from the simplicity of the island way of life? Find out tonight on PRIME.

7:30pm Friday, April 9 on Prime

Reality Series

Denise Busby, a hairdresser from London, is worried that her family is drifting apart. She and her cabbie husband Richard are working all hours just to stay afloat. They feel on the frontline of the credit crunch; luxuries like taxis and haircuts are the first things to go. With their parents working so hard, daughters Leila (17) and Alana (10) bury themselves in their gadgets and games.

With so little time together, Denise fears the family have forgotten how to interact, now she’s pinning her hopes on a once in a lifetime experience. Will three weeks on a deserted island help the family re-evaluate what’s important in life, and get to know each other again?

7:20pm Friday, April 2 on Prime

Reality Series

The Real Swiss Family Robinson follows families who once enjoyed the good life but whose lives have hit crisis point, rise to the challenge of a lifetime. With their incomes down, their businesses collapsing, and having lost sight of what’s important in life, they leave it all behind to try out desert island living. But it’s far from easy. Tonight we meet the Dye family. They’ve lived the good life for the last decade but are now catapulted 10,000 miles to the island of Anariki in Kiribati where they are left to cope alone in a beautiful paradise.