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REBA joins DHARMA & GREG for a comedy double bill every Saturday and Sunday. Country superstar Reba McEntire stars in this Golden Globe and Emmy® Award-nominated comedy that takes aim at the all-American family with a spirited Southern look at suburban dysfunction.

Reba has been cancelled after six seasons. The final two episodes will screen in February in the US.

In the first half-hour of the finale, Cheyenne (JoAnna Garcia) and Van (Steve Howey) confirm Reba’s (Reba McEntire) worst nightmare – that she is becoming their own version of Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman), dropping by their new house unannounced.

When Barbra Jean has a meltdown in the middle of her weather report, Brock (Christopher Rich) interprets her emotions as a sign that she isn’t ready to give up on their marriage.

In the second half-hour of the finale, Van accidentally starts a fire at his and Cheyenne’s new house, forcing them to temporarily move back in with Reba. Realizing they may not be ready for such a big responsibility, they ask Reba if they can stay with her, but she surprises everyone by turning them down.

Barbra Jean seriously considers accepting a job offer from a station in Arkansas, so it’s left to Reba to get her to turn down the offer and stay with her family where she belongs. Scarlett Pomers and Mitch Holleman also star.