Reggie Perrin

9:30pm Sunday, January 31 on TV One

TV ONE’s new comedy drama sees Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) star as Reggie Perrin – a man feeling rather marooned in the modern world (tonight at 9.30pm).

Perrin struggles to deal with modern life and all of its rules. From the daily commute, with its battle for a seat surrounded by others ear-plugged into all manner of electronic devices; to days in the office dealing with the fascinating jargon and power-point presentations that comprise the world of male grooming products, disposable razors to be exact – they are all getting to him. He is also becoming increasingly out of ‘sync’ with family life – in fact he’s starting to have fantasies.

Clunes took a break from making Doc Martin to film Reggie Perrin, spend some more time with his family, and to make a documentary or two. Talking to the British Radio Times, he says he considers himself an actor first and foremost, documentaries tend to be ‘money for jam’.

“They’re both work and I get paid for both, but acting is my day job; that’s what I do. There does seem to be an interest in me presenting these docos because there’s a fashion for presenter-led stuff; I still don’t consider it my job really.”

He says while he doesn’t get many offers for acting jobs that aren’t comedy based, he loves playing characters that are a bit edgy. “I’m not Hugh Grant – the sort of leading man where you can turn up and be lovely and bend the part towards your own loveliness. I like a bit of acting, if you know what I mean – trying to be someone else.”

Reggie Perrin sees Clunes playing another distinctly odd character. In the first episode, Perrin is feeling frustrated and alienated after ten years working at Groomtech. With his wife, Nicola, too busy for him, he becomes besotted with his new colleague Jasmine.