River Cottage Autumn

7:30pm Tuesday, May 1 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

River Cottage gears up for Bonfire Night! A bonfire’s built while Hugh makes spicy lamb stew with roasted vegetable kebabs. If you want spring lambs and piglets, November’s the time for livestock breeding and Hugh must decide which direction to take his flock. To help compare the breeds, he puts a lamb into competition at the Dorchester Show, where it’s voted on alive – and dead! And Hugh’s campaign to help people find land for growing vegetables could be getting a boost. The Church of England has invited Hugh to a meeting.

7:30pm Tuesday, April 24 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh decides to throw a dinner for the River Cottage team; the only difference with this dinner is that all the key ingredients will be foraged! The main course is squirrel ragout with nettle pasta, and the rest of the meal comes from a hard fought foraging competition between Hugh and his foraging friend, John Wright. In Hugh’s bid to find solutions to the allotment shortage, he launches a new website called “Landshare”. The aim is to match gardeners with landowners and get the nation growing their own vegetables. Clare’s stint as the butcher’s apprentice continues and Ray’s class focuses on the ribs and trotters. Back on the Bristol smallholding, newcomers Ali and Paul take delivery of the goats… and get to grips with the milking.

7:30pm Tuesday, April 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh throws a Veg Night at his restaurant. He loves vegetables – all, except the cauliflower. He challenges chef Tim to create cauliflower dishes that he won’t be able to resist. Hugh and the River Cottage baker Dan dream of baking with spelt they’ve grown from seed. If they can find a way to crack the husk problem and mill the grain, they might plant a tiny crop. The decision rests on the taste of their experimental batch of rolls made from flour they’ve milled by hand. At the Bristol city smallholding, the Swaingers are doing a lot of the hard work but are hardly reaping the rewards. Mandy doesn’t eat veg and her picky ways have spread to her kids. She asks Hugh for a cookery lesson – will Mandy realise what she’s been missing? While Clare is the new Butcher’s Apprentice and this time, we’re learning how to butcher a half pig. Ray the Butcher instructs on the four primary cuts of the carcass and demonstrates how to make joints from the forequarters, the hand and the belly.

7:30pm Tuesday, April 10 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh throws open the doors of River Cottage for a Duck Fair in celebration of his latest and newest meat crop. But it’s not all quacks and feathers, as Hugh and his chefs whip up a delicious foraged sauce to go with their duck wraps and, also, concoct an array of beetroot puddings to convince people to love the purple beet. During a quiet moment, Hugh enjoys the ultimate in beans on toast and meets the town that have turned the roadsides over to communal veg plots.

FOOD TELEVISION – Sundays from 20 February, 7.30pm

It was 1998 when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, moved into the original River Cottage in Dorset, to start growing and rearing some of his own food. ‘River Cottage’ has since moved on, and has grown and developed, but continues to stand for the same principles: self-sufficiency, food integrity, and the consumption of local, seasonal produce. Just as Autumn reaches its peak, River Cottage celebrates Britain’s freshest food as it comes into season in the fields, allotments and gardens around the country.

7:30pm Tuesday, April 13 on Prime


Tonight Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall puts on his party-planning hat as he organises a bonfire night party. With 80 guests to cater for, including the Bristol families, he prepares medlar chutney and cheeses, lamb tagine and roasted vegetable kebabs. Scrummy!

7:30pm Tuesday, April 6 on Prime


Tonight Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uses his autumn produce to rustle up a recipe of chorizo meatballs with scallops and trotters in a sweet and sour sauce, and begins his campaign to get the public growing their own vegetables.

7:30pm Tuesday, March 30 on Prime

Tonight we’re back with the charming Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall as he prepares a six-course banquet at the Canteen restaurant, made entirely from seasonal vegetables, with recipes using such produce as cauliflower, squash and chard.

7:30pm Tuesday, March 23 on Prime

As the evenings cool and the leaves start to turn, how better to laud the change of season than a return to River Cottage. The perennially charming Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall cooks and tastes his way through the abundant crops on offer in River Cottage Autumn; the definitive guide to locally produced, seasonal food, from home-made beans on toast to the ‘king’ of brownies, and loads of handy hints on the way.

It’s firework time at River Cottage and Hugh’s preparing for a Bonfire Night shindig. But before any marshmallows can be toasted there’s some hard graft needed, as the team bottle some pickles, chutneys and preserves for the winter.

This winter Hugh’s up for more than just apples and pears so he ropes in ‘Pam the Jam’ to help him source some lesser known chutney fodder. Medlar was a popular autumn fruit from the Middle Ages through to Victorian times but its unfortunate appearance means that in France it is known as the ‘dog’s arse’.

Undeterred, Hugh and Pam crack on with a delicious medlar jelly and a spicy medlar and apple chutney. And there’s further excitement for Hugh as Pam gets out the fruit leather (that’s fruit that’s been dried down to about 80 per cent). “If you’ve got fruit leather you could have fruit bondage,” giggles a giddy Hugh. “You could make a fruit whip.”

Sunday 17th May 8.30pm on PRIME