River Cottage Everyday

7:30pm Tuesday, June 26 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

The stork has been busy at River Cottage this year, delivering new babies to Steve Lamb’s, Chef Tim Maddams’ and Hugh’s houses. To celebrate the guys decide to throw a tea party – after all, at River Cottage, they’re always looking for an excuse to indulge in some delicious, greedy treats, be they sweet or savoury. There are plenty of belly-filling, lip-smacking recipes in this show, with everything from Genoese sponge cakes and lemon curd muffins, to game pies and cheesy tarts on the menu. And foraging favourite John Wright is on hand to knock up a good old-fashioned homebrew of real Ginger Beer.

7:30pm Tuesday, June 19 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Its Hugh’s belief that if making and baking your own homemade bread isn’t a part of your weekly kitchen repertoire, it should be. Although people think it’s a difficult process that should only be left to the professionals, baking your own bread is actually is one of the simplest ways to improve your relationship with food. And to prove it, Hugh hooks up with a bunch of young mums to help them form a baking circle, or ‘bake ‘n’ banter’ as they dub it.

7:30pm Tuesday, June 12 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh hates the fact that in the busy modern working week, lunch is in danger of loosing out to the same-old, same-old shop bought workplace sandwich. So this show is all about ways to reward yourself half way through the day. Hugh gets together with his chefs Gill and Tim to conjure up their takes on the ultimate cheese sandwich, to prove that it only takes a little imagination to lift the ordinary to the extra-special. Hugh puts on a suit and tie to give his first ever lunch box seminar as he tries to get a Bristol office to embrace the ultimate DIY lunchbox. And there’s loads of other great tips on how to rescue your lunch hour, from a trio of tasty hummus’, to a brilliant home made pasty. While Gill knocks out a creamy and crunchy butternut soup, Hugh tries to hatch a plan to make tasty and healthy instant noodle snacks in a pot. But can the River Cottage noodle ready meals convince some local builders?

7:30pm Tuesday, June 5 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

With more and more Brits giving breakfast the cold shoulder, Hugh is out to prove that it is the most important meal of the day. But he knows he’s going to have to shake it out of its cold cereal and toast torpor, so he shows us how to make real ‘Swiss style’ fruit juiced soaked muesli, proper Scots porridge and the perfect breakfast drink. Hugh’s campaign to shake up the breakfast doesn’t stop there though; he goes back to school to show kids how to make pancakes and drop scones, while he sends Tim to Bristol’s main train station to try and wake up consumers to the pleasure of starting the day in style. But the guys come up with a truly madcap idea, when they decide to try and throw a special Canteen dinner to showcase their efforts to reinvent the Full English Breakfast. Recipes include everything from ‘Sausage Stuffed Grilled Mushroom’ and the ‘Full English Salad’ to ‘Mushroom Soup with Brown Sauce and Bacon Rind’. But will it be a success?

7:30pm Tuesday, May 29 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

With fruit sales falling in the UK and the nation eating less fruit than almost every other country in Europe, Hugh sets out to test the state of our relationship with fruit. To do this he heads off to a typical suburban street and sees if he can get the locals excited again by nature’s original sweet treats. Through his infectious enthusiasm and a clutch of clever recipes, he’s soon turned some sceptic kids into confirmed consumers of raw fruit. Hugh also demonstrates how to turn fruit into a fantastic ingredient for delicious desserts, from all-fruit lollies that prove a hit with the local school kids. But the biggest challenge comes when Hugh meets a man who hated his wife’s apple crumble so much he cut down her apple tree! Can Hugh get him to turn loathing to loving when it comes to cooked apples?

7:30pm Tuesday, May 22 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh doesn’t have to look far for this weeks’ theme – it is growing all around him in the Park Farm kitchen garden! And in this episode he is out to prove that instead of being an after thought relegated to the side of the plate, vegetables should be the centre of attention. His attempt to move vegetables to the middle of our plates sees him serving them up every way from raw to roasted. But can he win over the Poole Fire Station’s Green Watch to eating their greens? Hugh challenges the meat-loving fireman to go vegetarian for four days – but despite being won over by his lentil and egg curry, Hugh’s not confident they’re going to go all the way.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 15 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

In this episode, Hugh takes on the challenge of proving to a house full of student girls who had never cooked fresh fish before that sustainable, well-sourced fish can be both cheap and delicious.

From a ‘better-than-the-chippie’ home made fish supper to marvellous mussels and tempting Thai fish curries, the girls discover the edible delights that can be found at their fishmongers. While Tim tries to turn the kipper into a dinner time treat, Hugh champions the simple pleasures to be had from a tin of sardines and even dusts down his fish shaped jelly moulds to make a champagne and strawberry jelly for a dinner party with the girls.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 8 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


In River Cottage Everyday, Hugh takes his passion for cooking into other peoples houses, as he helps everyone from mums and dad to kids bring real, simple and tasty food to the table – because it’s his belief that good food should be at the heart of every kitchen and the kitchen should be at the heart of every home. In this series, Hugh tackles a different subject each week – from fruit to fish and breakfast to baking.

Tonight, Hugh sets out his belief that the way to be able to make organic free range meat fit your budget, is to eat and enjoy cheap cuts rather than cheap meat. He’s off to a butcher, to champion these passionate meat practitioners and sell the cheapest cut in the shop – ox liver. Devilled in a hot and spicy sauce it proves to be a real winner.

Hugh takes his passion for cheap, cheerful and hearty stews to a local five-aside team, where he suffers football failure but success in setting up a communal stew club. Back at Park Farm, there are also stocks, dumplings and the perfect spag bol. And, because it’s a meat show – of course, the episode ends with a BBQ.

FOOD TELEVISION – Wednesdays from 22 February, 8.30pm

River Cottage Everyday sees Hugh take River Cottage back to the nation, demonstrating that his philosophy has relevance and a use for everyone on a daily basis. Over eight episodes; Meat, Fish, Veg, Fruit, Bread, Lunch, Breakfast and finally Treats, Hugh will examine the British relationship with each of these categories and show how by injecting a bit of River Cottage attitude these relationships can be significantly improved. Hugh will demonstrate how to make the most of leftovers, turning scraps destined for the bin into delectable fare for the lunch box and visit the homes of everyday folk to take them on the transformational journey of a lifetime.

Prime’s 2011 season launch includes more from their steady accumulation of programming assets that has helped the channel to successive years of 30%+ growth and unlike TV2, there are new local shows on the cards.  You probably won’t be seeing much of that NZ On Air logo at the ends of their credits either.

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