River Cottage

8:30pm Tuesday, December 11 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

River Cottage welcomes the festive season with a Christmas Fayre as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his team offer up their secrets on how to enjoy the perfect Christmas holiday. Santa Claus and the Snow Queen will be there, as, of course, will all the favourite River Cottage regulars, including Hugh, his chefs Tim and Gill, preserves queen, Pam Corbin, and foraging expert John Wright. But the food will very much be the star of the show. In an evening of traditional festive British foods, look out for deliciously different ways to stuff a roast goose; a trio of recipes for that wonderful winter root celeriac; Hugh’s take on a sweet chutney; luxuriously rich Christmas bread; and tips for how to fill the perfect hamper with hand made edible goodies. They also share their road-tested hangover cures to aid the inevitable morning after the night before of pure indulgence.

7:30pm Tuesday, July 24 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

With Christmas just around the corner, Hugh decides to forgo store-bought chocolates and makes his own chocolate brownie that takes ten minutes to prepare and two minutes to wrap. Meanwhile, the slaughtered steer has hung for a month and is ready to eat. Hugh organises the ultimate roast beef and all the trimmings dinner to thank the staff at the River Cottage Canteen for their hard work during the year.

7:30pm Tuesday, July 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Drawing inspiration from his garden, Hugh decides to turn up the heat and organises a two hundred person chilli and pumpkin party. With plenty of preparation needed for so many people, this is no mean feat. Also tonight, Hugh visits Cornwall and spends an early morning out at sea with a group of fishermen who have found a sustainable and lucrative market in line-caught squid fishing. To sate the men’s appetites after a hard morning’s work, Hugh rustles up deep fried salt and pepper squid with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, before the rest of the catch travels to London’s sushi restaurants. Chef Tim Maddams picks up on Hugh’s campaign to get rabbit back on the British menu. His first task is to persuade his local curry house not only to experiment with spicy rabbits, but to confidently stick them on their menu.

7:30pm Tuesday, July 10 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Hugh’s garden is very important to him, and when rabbits start decimating his winter vegetables Hugh brings in rabbit warreners to help manage the problem. It is mussel season down at the beach, so Hugh takes his children to raid Devon’s rocky coves with French teacher Nathalie. With her French know-how, Hugh hopes Nathalie holds the key to making the perfect mussel eclade. There’s no doubt Hemp is a wondercrop. Together with River Cottage baker, Dan Stevens, and farm manager, Steve Lamb, Hugh gets excited about the possibilities for this carbon hungry, omega 3 rich, tough and tasty little plant…

7:30pm Tuesday, July 3 on Prime

Lifestyle Series

Winter’s on the way as we return to River Cottage to join Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall growing, rearing, fishing and foraging for an array of winter treats. With his produce he hopes to turn this traditionally chilly season into the warmest of the year. Hugh battles the dismal wet weather and finds time to forage for the perfect mushrooms for a succulent mushroom tart, and plunges to the depths of the ocean for his ultimate catch: scallops.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 17 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


The stork has been busy at River Cottage this year, delivering new babies to Steve Lamb’s, Chef Tim Maddams’s and Hugh’s houses. To celebrate the guys decide to throw a tea party – after all, at River Cottage, they’re always looking for an excuse to indulge in some delicious, greedy treats – be they sweet or savoury. There are plenty of belly-filling, lip-smacking recipes in this show, with everything from Genoese Sponge cakes and lemon curd muffins to game pies and cheesy tarts on the menu. And foraging favourite John Wright is on hand to knock up a good old-fashioned home-brew – lashings of real Ginger Beer.

Hugh gets an emergency call from the venerable Bridport Tea Dance, the standard of the fox trot can’t be questioned but sadly the quality of the afternoon tea has slumped – can he make it worthy of the dancing once again? Later, Hugh joins an unlikely lads night out at a local Dorset pub, where the men get together in a competitive pudding league! While even his son Oscar gets in on the act with a vanilla and elderflower panna cotta, as Hugh shows that puddings are the key to get kids into the joys of cooking.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 10 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


It’s Hugh’s belief that if making and baking your own homemade bread isn’t a part of your weekly kitchen repertoire it should be. Although people think it’s a difficult process that should only be left to the professionals, baking your own bread is actually is one of the simplest ways to improve your relationship with food. And to prove it Hugh hooks up with a bunch of young mums to help them form a baking circle, or ‘bake ‘n’ banter’ as they dub it. In tonight’s episode, we’ll discover how to make everything from simple white loaves to tangy sourdoughs and cheese and Guinness stuffed soda breads. There are also tips on how to turn your loaf leftovers into tasty treats, from an Italian bread salad to a three coursed breadcrumb dinner! And if that’s not enough, Hugh shows off his favourite summer sarnie, ‘Pam the Jam’ reveals the secrets of jam making so you can give your bread a tasty toping and Steve Lamb teaches you how to build your very own pizza oven in the back garden.

7:30pm Tuesday, May 3 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


Hugh hates the fact that in the busy modern working week lunch is in danger of loosing out to the same-old, same-old shop bought work place sammie. So tonight’s show is all about ways to reward yourself halfway through the day. Hugh gets together with his chefs Gill and Tim to conjure up their takes on the ultimate cheese sandwich, to prove that it only takes a little imagination to lift the ordinary to the extra-special. Hugh puts on a suit and tie to give his first ever lunch box seminar as he tries to get a Bristol office to embrace the ultimate DIY lunchbox. And there’s loads of other great tips on how to rescue your lunch hour.

While Gill knocks out a creamy and crunchy butternut and nut butter soup, the two of them hatch a plan to try and make a tasty and healthy instant noodle snack in a pot. But can their River Cottage noodle ready meals convince some local builders? But it’s not all about the work day lunch hour, Hugh also lets you in on his secret for a perfect Saturday picnic with friends and opens the doors to his parents home for a fabulous family Sunday roast with a twist.

7:30pm Tuesday, April 26 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


With more and more Brits giving breakfast the cold shoulder, Hugh is out to prove that it is the most important meal of the day. But he knows he’s going to have to shake it out of its cold cereal and toast torpor, so he shows us how to make real ‘Swiss style’ fruit juiced soaked muesli, proper Scots porridge and the perfect breakfast drink. Hugh’s campaign to shake up the breakfast doesn’t stop there though; he goes back to school to show kids how to make pancakes and drop scones, while he sends Tim to Bristol’s main train station to try and wake up consumers to the pleasure of starting the day in style. But the guys come up with a truly madcap idea, when they decide to try and throw a special Canteen dinner to showcase their efforts to reinvent the Full English Breakfast. Recipes include everything from ‘Sausage Stuffed Grilled Mushroom’ and the ‘Full English Salad’ to ‘Mushroom Soup with Brown Sauce and Bacon Rind’ and ‘Builder’s Tea Granita!’ But will it be a success?

7:30pm Tuesday, April 19 on Prime

Lifestyle Series


With fruit sales falling in the UK and the nation eating less fruit than almost every other country in Europe, Hugh sets out to test the state of their relationship with fruit. To do this he heads off to a typical suburban street and sees if he can get the locals excited again by nature’s original sweet treats. Through his infectious enthusiasm and a clutch of clever recipes, he’s soon turned some sceptic kids into confirmed consumers of raw fruit and before long they’re discovering the joys of ‘pick your own’ farms. Hugh also shows you how to turn fruit into a fantastic ingredient for delicious desserts, from all-fruit lollies that prove a hit with the local school kids to Eton Mess and a cross between a crumble and a fool, or as Hugh calls it ‘a fumble”.

But fruit’s not just for afters; Hugh makes an orange and lemon St.Clements squash, Gill a mighty venison and pear burger and there’s a fruit themed street party to end the episode. But the biggest challenge comes when Hugh meets a man who hated his wife’s apple crumble so much he cut down her apple tree! Can Hugh get him to turn loathing to loving when it comes to cooked apples?