Rivers of the World

Saturday 8 January, 9.30pm

This beautifully shot documentary follows the mighty Colorado River as it rises out of the Rocky Mountains and then flows for over 2,300 kilometres before arriving in Mexico, where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. Follow its course as it rolls majestically across America’s mineral-rich western plains, whose breath-taking immensity has an almost unreal quality. As it moves from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon, the Colorado weaves through a landscape as if from another world. Rivers of the World talks to the people living and working on this magnificent river. 


Saturdays from 27 November, 9.30pm

Rivers are an essential source of life and food. The world’s greatest cities have risen and fallen along their banks. They can be passages of commerce or crusade, untamed natural forces or generous energy suppliers. Rivers of the World is a beautifully shot series exploring the most spectacular rivers of the planet across all five continents. The names alone possess a legendary resonance – Niger, Okavango, Mekong, Urubamba, Colorado, Orinoco, and Nile. The great geographical diversity embodied by all these rivers is explored along with the people who live on and from these waters and who devote themselves to their protection. Long may they continue to flow.