Robyn Malcolm

agent-annaAfter seeing yesterday’s glowing press release from TVNZ about the ratings for Agent Anna I thought I would pose the question is Agent Anna worth watching to those who, unlike myself, had seen more than the first episode.  I had given the show a poor review so, wanting to be fair, I thought I’d see what response you, our readers, had towards the show.

The results of that poll ended up being a little skewed and biased after Robyn Malcolm, posted on Facebook and Twitter:

Fancy voting on this? V cynical poll re Agent Anna I reckon, with comments based on only first episode. If you feel like having a say go for it!! x Continue reading »

The courtroom drama of Outrageous Fortune played out for realfor Robyn Malcolm this morning as she lost her licence for six months after pleading guilty to drink driving.

Malcolm was 41mg over the legal blood alcohol limit of 80mg when she was stopped at a checkpoint on May 19. After the incident the actress made a statement to the Sunday Star Times.

”It was, and is my intention to front up the media about this as I have no interest in hiding what happened,” she said in the statement. Continue reading »