Ross Kemp Extreme World

9:30pm Wednesday, January 30 on Prime

Documentary Series

Ross travels to Juarez in Northern Mexico, the murder capital of the world. More than 3,000 people were gunned down in the city last year, victims of a bloody drug war being played out on America’s doorstep. Ross investigates the ruthless cartels fighting for control of the drug trade between Mexico and the US, a business worth more than $40 billion a year. Cartels rule and run the city through a policy known as ‘silver or lead’. Anyone who stands in their way is offered huge bribes… those who refuse are shot.

9:30pm Wednesday, January 23 on Prime

Documentary Series

Ross visits the Democratic Republic of Congo, scene of the deadliest yet least reported conflict since WWII. The war has claimed over six million lives over the past ten years. Those fighting in the Congo use rape and mutilation as a weapon of war. At a remote hospital Ross meets some of the thousands of innocent women who are gang raped, tortured and unspeakably disfigured in the region every year, and travels to some of the most hostile areas in Africa to confront the men responsible for these atrocities. He discovers this is not only the rape of the people but of an entire nation.