Royal Wedding

7:30pm Friday, May 20 on Prime

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Feast Fit For A Prince & Princess

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton will be following in Diana’s footsteps as she becomes the next People’s Princess marrying into the British Royal Family. The parallels between the two women are clear, and it’s both symbolic and significant that William gave his bride his mother’s engagement ring. But how exactly does Kate compare to the bashful royal bride who became the most talked about woman on the planet.

Royal wedding popular in UK and US

The Royal Wedding on Friday drew big numbers in both the UK and US with around 24 million Brits tuning in during the day to watch the ceremony while 22.8 million Americans got up early to watch it.

Hurricane-themed episodes pulled

Three hurricane-themed episodes of Family Guy, American dad and The Cleveland Show have been pulled from American TV in the aftermath of the tornados that swept the southern US last week. Fox had planned to air three crossover episodes of the shows on Sunday but have decided against it.

Underbelly to screen in Victoria

Australians in Victoria will finally get to see the unedited version of the first Underbelly season for the first time due to the court case ending in the state. The series was screened in Victoria in a heavily edited form back in 2008 while the rest of Australia enjoyed the unedited version.

Bleu in talks for The X Factor US

High School Musical’s Corbin Bleu is reportedly in talks to co-host the US version of The X Factor alongside another female co-host. Nicole Scherzinger has also been linked to the hosting role on the upcoming series.

Lopez to perform on Idol

Jennifer Lopez will perform on this week’s results episode of American Idol. The judge will perform alongside Lady Antebellum who are also confirmed to appear.

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is almost here and TV3 will be providing comprehensive coverage of one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

On Friday 29 April, the build-up will begin with Hilary Barry reporting directly from London for Firstline (6.30-8.30am on 3). Along with European correspondents Melissa Davies and Kim Chisnell, Hilary will provide exclusive 3 News updates for the midday and 6pm bulletins, and Campbell Live.

“The Royal Wedding has sparked huge interest right around the world,” says Hilary.  “In London right now there are 7000 members of the media.”

Hilary is looking forward to the pomp and ceremony, but admits that some Brits are over it, others slightly bemused by all the attention, and many Londoners have left town.  “But on the whole, people are excited and a number are already camping out in the cold for the best spots!” 

Hilary promises that TV3’s coverage of the event will be worth watching. “Our coverage will be fun; informative and in-depth, without being straight-laced or earnest.” 

At 7.30pm, following Campbell Live, John Campbell will front the coverage leading up to the ceremony. He will be crossing live to Hilary in London, to discuss the celebrations in England and the arrival of guests for this historic event.

John will also be joined by Jeremy Wells, Louise Wallace and Wendyl Nissen for witty and informed commentary.

Jeremy leapt at the chance to cover the Royal Wedding for TV3: I always wanted to be the media meat in a Campbell/ Nissen/ Wallace sandwich.  Although in this case, realistically, I’m probably more a condiment – a relish or chutney.”

Louise started preparing weeks ago: “drinking lots of English breakfast tea, cleaning my jewellery, practising my curtsies, getting my kids to call me Mummy, and waving with my fingers closed.”

Meanwhile, Wendyl will be focussed primarily on Kate’s dress and “looking out for what Camilla is wearing and whether William’s managed to cover up the bald spot adequately.”

From 10:00pm, TV3 will be screening ITV’s live, uninterrupted and commercial-free coverage of the event. ITV News Senior Correspondent James Mates will provide commentary of events from Westminster Abbey will be providing extensive Video On Demand of the Royal Wedding, as well as entertaining and informative live updates. Sunday Magazine’s “Hottest Blogger of the Year” Ally Mullord will be part of the Royal Wedding team, providing her own unique insight into the event. TV3 is also running a Facebook live chat concurrent with the Royal Wedding coverage, where viewers can speak to the TV panel, chat with other Royal Wedding watchers and share their thoughts with the rest of New Zealand.

Join TV3 as we enjoy the build up to the Royal Wedding. Live and interrupted coverage from 10pm. Find out more and join our live chat at


TV3 Royal Wedding Coverage – Friday 29 April


6:00pm 3 NEWS

– Hilary Barry will be reporting live from London.


– the London based 3 News team will be keeping John informed on the build up to the Royal wedding.


– John Campbell and guests discuss the lead up to the ceremony and cross to London for live updates.


– ITV live coverage of the wedding ceremony begins on TV3. James Mates leads the commentary of events from Westminster Abbey.

TVNZ invites viewers to join them for the royal wedding this Friday night.

The complete guide to New Zealand’s television coverage of the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday 29th April, 2011.




Friday 29th  

7am on TV ONE: BREAKFAST – Petra Bagust reports on the eve of the Royal Wedding from London for Friday morning’s Breakfast.

6pm on TV ONE: ONE News – Wendy Petrie anchors ONE News live from Westminster Abbey.

7pm on TV ONE: CLOSE UP – Mark Sainsbury presents Close Up live from Central London.  

8.30pm on TV ONE: ONE Special: A Royal Wedding

TV ONE brings you ‘A Royal Wedding’ live from London.  Wendy Petrie presents the build-up to the wedding ceremony from Westminster Abbey including live pictures of the scenes from around London, St. Andrews and Katherine Middleton’s home village of Bucklebury as millions of spectators take to the streets. 

At 10pm we join the BBC – the host broadcaster of the Royal Wedding.  The official coverage will include access to preparations as they unfold, reports on all the movements to and from the Abbey and commentary from Royal experts and historians, fashion correspondents and invited guests.

The live satellite transmission will follow all members of the Royal Family and the bride as they make their way to Westminster Abbey and the arrival of all the key guests.

Viewers can expect multi camera coverage of the entire service from inside the Abbey.

The broadcast continues after the ceremony tracking the procession as it travels to Buckingham Palace.  TV ONE’s coverage will conclude following the traditional kiss between the bride and groom on the Palace balcony around 12:45am.


Saturday 30th

7am on TV ONE: The Royal Wedding – A two hour highlights package

6pm on TV ONE: ONE News – Wendy Petrie will present full coverage of the wedding and the world’s reaction to it

 7.30pm on TV ONE: The Royal Wedding – A one hour highlights package  



The entire Royal Wedding will stream live on including the official broadcast from the BBC

The website is already carrying full text, photograph and video coverage in the lead up to the Royal Wedding and has a video wrap of weekly developments

Due to the level of interest in the Royal Wedding, TV ONE has scheduled a documentary and a movie depicting the royal romance on Easter Saturday:


Saturday 23rd April

2.30pm on TV ONE: William and Kate: A Royal Love Story (documentary)

Following the news that Prince William and Katherine Middleton had become engaged, a brand new documentary became the definitive account of the love story between William and the girl who is to become his Queen. A Royal Love Story reveals William and Katherine’s intriguing royal courtship and discovers the real Ms Middleton with captivating insight.  This exclusive programme reveals where it all began. (Repeat)


Saturday 23rd April

8.30pm on TV ONE: William and Kate: A Royal Romance (movie)

William and Kate: A Royal Romance is the story of the love affair between Prince William, second in line to the throne of England, and Katherine Middleton, daughter of upper middle class commoners. William and Kate met at St. Andrews in Scotland, as first year students living in the same dormitory and majoring in the same subjects. While they were dating other people, they became close friends.  The film suggests that it was only when William watched Kate modelling a see-though dress at a charity fashion show that he began to think of her in a different way.  The film tracks the ups and downs of their eight year relationship which was complicated by social pressures and the media. It claims that William was determined not to make the same mistake as his father Charles, who gave up the woman he loved, Camilla Parker Bowles, for the aristocrat chosen by his family. At the same time, Kate had to decide whether she would give up her freedom or live as a Princess under the rigid structures and intense publicity that seemed to torment William’s mother, Lady Diana.  Reuniting after a serious break up, William and Kate announced their engagement to a joyous reception. This movie stars kiwi actor, Nico Evers-Swindell who plays Prince William.






Friday 29 April


3 NEWS – Hilary Barry will be reporting live from London.



CAMPBELL LIVE – the London based 3 News team will be keeping John informed on the build up to the Royal wedding.



ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL – John Campbell and guests discuss the lead up to the ceremony and cross to London for live updates.



ROYAL WEDDING SPECIAL – ITV live coverage of the wedding ceremony begins on TV3. James Mates leads the commentary of events from Westminster Abbey.







Quest Royal Wedding Specials:  3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th April, 9.00pm

Piers Morgan Tonight: Live From London, 26th, 27th, 28th April, 1.00pm  

Anderson Cooper 360: Live From London, 27th, 28th April, 2.00pm

A Royal Wedding: Friday 29th April, 7.00pm

The Women who would be Queen: Sunday 1st May, 1.00am, 8.00am and 9.00pm