Rude Awakenings

Rude Awakenings is now on DVD and can be purchased at the following retailers:
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Rude Awakenings is coming to DVD and will be released soon.

If you were a fan of Rude Awakenings, this is your chance to get your hands on some of the props used on the show!
This Monday (13 August) at 6pm, M.F Films are holding an auction at Thornton’s Auction in Maurice Rd, Penrose.
There will be another auction the following week.

Paul features on Rude Awakenings, interviewing Dimity Rush about her new book.

TV Guide feedback, May 19-25 2007:

It’s not often a New Zealand-made comedy-drama works. Outrageous Fortune managed it, but nothing else even came close until now. Rude Awakenings is quite possibly the best TVNZ-commissioned comedy-drama in recent years. It realises the audience aren’t all idiots.

Congratulations to the fresh new actors in this programme, especially Rose McIvor who does a stellar job. I look forward to the second season and a DVD release. More of this please, and less of the dismal Houthouse.

Congratulations, TVNZ. You’ve finally done well.

Hayden Nash (Wellington)

Rude Awakenings is one of the best New Zealand programmes I have ever seen. Danielle Cormack really shines as Dimity and the rest of the cast is excellent too, especially the young people. Everything came to a standstill in our household on Friday evenings as we followed all the plot twists and turns.

T Dare (New Lynn)

We are sorry to see Rude Awakenings has finished. We believe that Danielle Cormack deserves an award for her performances as Dimity Rush. We hope to see a second series screen as soon as possible.

M and J Brown (Te Atatu South)

The Rude Awakenings cast members were well suited to the characters they played – except Dimity. I found her so hypo and hysterical she made me feel I was having a nervous breakdown while watching. Danielle McCormach, as Dimity, overacts a tad! The storyline is good, but Dimity’s character could be played down – less full steam ahead so to speak. Our actors and actresses are excellent and we need to keep on with local programmes like this one.

Nail-biting Gram (Waiuku)

Fans of Rude Awakenings are congratulating Television New Zealand on providing a great comedy-drama to their screens.
Unfortunately, those who wrote to TV Guide (see below) don’t seem to realize that a second season is not in the pipeline.
A TVNZ publicist, Melanya Burrows confirmed to Sunday News on April 1st that “there will not be another series of Rude Awakenings”, and A M.F Films publicist confirmed that TVNZ have decided against a second season.

But these announcements have not stopped the public from showing their support for the series, with messages being sent to TVNZ and TV Guide about a second season.
Below is a copy of some of the letters sent to TV Guide about the show. Note how many of them look forward to another season.

If you would also like to see the show return to our screens with fresh episodes, click here to email TVNZ with your views, and leave a message below. Don’t be shy – the only way the show has a chance of returning is if you tell TVNZ that you liked it.

I emailed M.F. Films, the company that produced Rude Awakenings.
I asked if a second series was happening (just to get the inside scoop), and this was part of their reply:

Hi Kyle

Thanks for that. TVNZ has said there won’t be another series unfortunately – even though there are heaps of you out here who loved it!

I suggest you email the TVNZ w/site as well – the more feedback they get, the better – go to this feedback page.

If you were a fan, click the above link and have your say!
Why loose such a good show?

A Television New Zealand charter-driven drama which cost the taxpayer more than $5 million to produce has ended with “disappointing” ratings.

The final episode of TV One’s Rude Awakenings, a satire set in Ponsonby, screened on Friday night. It had received a New Zealand On Air grant of $5,497,382 but rated poorly, compared with other programmes that aired in its 8.30pm timeslot.

TVNZ sources said the viewing figures meant it was unlikely there would be a second series.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the MF Films series attracted an average weekly audience of 215,000 viewers in the 5-plus age category. This compared with the timeslot’s average of 311,000 viewers for the previous six months.

British crime show Rosemary and Thyme, which screened in the same slot on TV One last year, pulled an average audience of more than 354,000 for the same demographic, and during one episode it attracted 367,000 viewers.

TV One spokeswoman Melanya Burrows described the data as “disappointing” but said that despite what some commentators had suggested, TVNZ did not give the show the kiss of death by scheduling it on a Friday evening.

“We didn’t want to put this fledgling drama up against overwhelming competition – the tried and tested successful international dramas which have huge, broad and very loyal followings,” Burrows said. The broadcaster had been “determined” to give the programme “its own opportunity to shine”.

The end of week timeslot was chosen because TV One had “an established pattern of popular factual followed by popular broad-appeal drama, in a successful, well-watched evening line-up,” Burrows told the Herald on Sunday. “This new satire-drama perfectly fitted the tone and style of the drama slot.”

The series, starring former Shortland Street actress Danielle Cormack, told the tale of two families thrust into unwelcome intimacy through a tenant and landlord relationship in neighbouring Ponsonby villas.

Rude Awakenings’ producer Michele Fantl did not return Herald on Sunday calls, but a spokeswoman at her Auckland production company said there would be “no comment” on how the series had rated.

What an awesome show! It really is and the end was even better!
Loved the part where Dimity appeared on Breakfast, interviewed by Paul. It got better when they broadcast videos from the website of Dimity attacking her husband and threating Bonnie!

If you missed it, you will be able to download the episode here. Just look for ‘Episode 11′. If you have not yet signed up at TVNZ ondemand, you will be able to download & view the show for free, because of your free ’10 Playpoints’ at signup.

They better make another series! But I think if it was on TV2, ratings would have been much higher.
Review on the series begining

Rude Awakenings
Friday 20 April, 8.35pm

The ‘Rude Awakenings’ series final sees Dimity’s devious strategy to stop Amber having Julian’s baby push Arthur past his snapping point (tonight at 8.35pm on TV ONE). Constance reveals herself as a master manipulator to dish out her kind of justice to Ralph and Horse, and news of Caroline’s death spurs Stuart to kick-start his life in an unexpected direction.