Rural Delivery


NZ On Air is investing just over $9.5 million in content for a wide range of special interest audiences on television and digital media platforms.

In its latest funding decisions, NZ On Air has committed to 10 television and three digital media projects for special interest audiences.

A new six-part series supported for TV3 will focus on the practice of arranged marriages, which continues in some cultures today in New Zealand. Arranged will be made by Notable Pictures, who also produce the returning series Both Worlds. Continue reading »

nz-on-air-logo-300While Media3 hasn’t made it back after being cancelled by TV3, TVNZ7 still manages to live on with Back Benches being renewed for another season on Prime.

Audiences of every kind are catered for in the latest funding decisions from NZ On Air.

NZ On Air is delighted to support a new series for TV3, The Festival, which will take us inside the most important festivals and celebrations of our ethnic communities.This new series joins a stable of programmes made for special interest audiences available on television and then online.

Young Pacific people will be treated to the return of popular youth programme Fresh (TV2), and wider audiences can enjoy the gastronomic journey of the Pacific cultures with a second series of Real Pasifik (TV One). Neighbourhood will return to TV One to introduce more ethnic communities to their neighbours Continue reading »

Rural Delivery
Saturday 2 June, 7.30am

Following on from two highly successful series, ‘Rural Delivery’ is returning to TV ONE this Saturday June 2, at the regular time of 7.30am. Agricultural journalist Roger Bourne continues to front the series and will be joined by scientists, politicians and leading business people for weekly interviews on current issues.

Each week, ‘Rural Delivery’ will bring stories on outstanding regional producers and innovators in the agribusiness sector, along with news, rural events, weather and market information.
Leading the series will be feature stories on a large-scale cropping operation using efficient irrigation, side-by-side monitor farms in South Canterbury, the winners of the Waikato share-milkers of the year competition, the Open Country Cheese company, and going organic with Fonterra.

Technical developments under the spotlight include efficiency in water usage, high quality woollen textiles, restricting the root growth of cherry trees and how to dispose of hazardous farm wastes.

‘Rural Delivery’ is an informative and up-to-date business show, which has become appointment viewing for those in the rural sector, along with an increasing number of urban viewers.