Having achieved worldwide recognition with a Golden Globe award for her work with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack to Gladiator, the singer and composer Lisa Gerrard’s life and work has influenced and touched many people around the world. From her beginnings with the Group Dead Can Dance, through to her success in Hollywood and as a solo artist, Lisa Gerrard’s powerful vocal and musical style has captivated fans and filmgoers for the past twenty years. For the first time on film, Sanctuary: Lisa Gerrard is an intimate portrait of Lisa Gerrard, who shares her deepest most creative and emotional insights on all aspects of her life, beliefs and career.

Saturday 1 March, 8.00pm on Arts Channel

The 1st webi-ep is now available online for the new prog Sanctuary starring Amanda Tapping. It was launched sometime over our last night. The main HD version is available for a cost – don’t know how much. But I couldn’t even download the HD preview on dial-up more than once. After that it kept sticking at 99% pre-loaded.

Nevermind. The fans of the show have made the first ep & trailers & preview available on youtube. this is sanctioned by the producers of Sanctuary. They want the 1st few eps available for free.
The HD preview I saw looked awesome. It’s all shot on green screen with some sort of 3d vis. It means fans can enter the shows scenes much like in a role play computer game.

Official HD pay version must be available here:

youtube free version available here:

I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again. Less awesome t1st ep is 17 minutes long. I know one of the actors is in Stargate – apart from AT. AT has quite a cool Brit accent – with an occasional Canadian vowel sound.

I’ve been following the debates on sky vs free-to-air vs watching TV on the net. For myself I prefer free-to-air TV. I don’t see anything on sky that’s better than what’s to offer on free-to-air. And as most of the best/popular US and UK TV progs make it to NZ free-to-air eventually, I don’t have much incentive to get broadband to download TV progs.

But where it’s really at IMO is the short episode web interactive video fiction. My Story is a pale shadow of this. Lonelygirl15 has morphed into an intriguing series where Bree and her mates have gone on the run from and are trying to investigate the dubious religion of her parents (Hymn of One) and it’s sinister secret branch The Order. Fans get to interact with characters in the show and solve problems the characters ask for help with. Fanfiction can become part of the show and The Creators can start off new characters within the character’s own web channel making it look like fanfiction.

The Creators of LG15 have done a deal with Bebo to make a spin-off series “Katemodern” based on a 19 year old female student living in London which goes live in July. Katemodern will live in the LG15 world.

Now we have Amanda Tapping starring in what’s claimed to be the first web series, a sci fi series called Sanctuary starting on May 15. (except LG15 beat them to it). The first few eps of Sanctuary will be free, then the subsequent eps will be available online for a price.

Now these online short ep, interactive series are where it’s at IMO. And with eps between a 1-5 minutes for LG15 and 15 minutes for Sanctuary, it’s possible to download them on dialup.

Don’t know whether Sanctuary will be as interactive as LG15 tho. In some ways it looks like an attempt to be TV that’s available online, like My Story. And the fact that Sanctuary comes with a viewing price rather than using product placement and sponsorship like LG15 and KateModern is something that’ll make me think twice about downloading Sanctuary.

But IMO this is where it’s at for online fiction and not just downloading what’s available on TV using a conventional TV format, or making it available on DVD.