Summer Nights Of Comedy: Saxondale

UKTV – Starts Thursday 6 December, 9.00pm

Tom Saxondale has been through the rock and roll mill and lived to tell the tale. He plays fast and loose, shoots from the hip, and tells no lies – he’s a true maverick. Tom never took the corporate dollar. He doesn’t work for ‘the man’; he’s his own man. These and other moth-eaten cliches are how Tommy would describe himself. But when Tommy removes his rose-tinted Aviator shades, he can’t deny a few basic facts; he was a middle-ranking roadie for 20 years, but for the past ten years he has been at the cutting edge of the pest control industry… in Hertfordshire. After a hostile divorce, Tommy has found his soulmate in Magz, proprietress of an anarchic T-shirt shop. In the course of the series Tommy gets his eyesight improved by a prostitute, has a heart murmur in Halfords, executes a pigeon and experiments with women’s make-up.

Stars: Steve Coogan (I’m Alan Partridge and Around the World in 80 Days), Ruth Jones (Little Britain and Nighty Night).