School Pride

1:00pm Monday, May 21 on TV2

Head back to the classroom with TV2’s brand new series, School Pride, where communities pull together to put the cool back into school.

School Pride tells the stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public schools, while restoring their sense of value and pride. The cameras follow students, teachers, parents and community members as they roll up their sleeves and rebuild their own schools, making use of local businesses, and concluding with the unveiling of a brand-new, completely transformed school.

The volunteers are motivated by a quartet of community organisers and personalities: SWAT Commander Tom Stroup, interior designer Susie Castillo, comedian and former substitute teacher Kym Whitley and journalist Jacob Soboroff.

This week, a community in Compton, California joins forces to renovate the aging and run-down Enterprise Middle School.