Secrets Of The Sexes

New Episodes: Secrets Of The Sexes

The Living Channel – Sundays from 9 December, 9.30pm

The higher a woman’s IQ is, the lower her chances of marriage. The shorter the man, the more he’s got to earn to find a wife. People in love are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – and have the serotonin levels to prove it. Fascinating facts such as these are uncovered in this hilarious, provocative and informative BBC series. Science is put to the test with real people leading real lives. Fascinating ideas about brain sex, compatibility and the science of love are backed up with experiments involving real people, with very interesting results. Whether you find your partner baffling, or are single and don’t know what to do to attract the partner of your dreams, this series will reveal the secrets of the sexes, and the real differences between men and women!