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Jermaine Leef

Watch out for Jermaine Leef on Vodafone Select Live from Monday August 6. He replaces Joel Defries who has gone back to the UK.

Here’s Jermaine’s Bebo page if you would like to give him feedback.

Oh, and he’s released his own single (does that mean he’ll be playing his own song on Select Live?) called Secret.

Jermaine recently worked on Saturday Disney kids’ show on TV2 and also appeared on shows such as The Tribe and The Strip. He’s a talented dancer and choreographer and is in Triple8Funk dance company.

Over the last few years Joel Defries has been told he’s fathered a child live on national television*,become the poster boy for the word “polarizing” – (dividing the nation in the process) made hearts flutter, tempers rise…and come from nowhere with the confidence of a telly veteran…! He made David Hartnells “best dressed” at 21. Offended, impressed, shocked and amused. And…we’ll be sad to see him go.

That’s right a home sick Joel Defries is leaving his second home of the C4 office and heading back to the motherland. To the UK – and to Muswell Hill to be exact. Muswell Hill, the same place (Joel points out) that Nadine from Girls Aloud lives…and the place where the Kinks hail from. He also claims that Ricky Gervais lives in his apartment building. This we’ll never know. He also claims that he inspired Ricky Gervais’s comedic style. This we highly doubt.

Nonetheless, as surely as Joel has of course managed to offend each and every one of us at some stage during his C4 years – we at the C4 offices will miss him greatly. He is cherished, much like an untrained lap dog, that yaps constantly……yet you just can’t bear to leave it outside at night.

Joel has been beamed into the homes of New Zealanders every weekday at 4pm since February 28th 2005. During that time not only has he been “the face” of Select Live (Vodafone Select Live since mid 06), he’s also more recently hosted Live at Yours and C4’s Big Day Out specials 2006 and 2007 – and been a Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalist (with the calendar to prove it). He also tried his hand at stand up comedy ( we all headed along to support him but were so taken by the MC – a certain Mr Dai Henwood, we left with a new presenter…and well, kind of just forgot all about Joel’s routine) He’s also, bless him, been doing his bit for the health of New Zealanders…telling us that no-one is smoking anymore, and it’s so ” like 1997 ” . And he posed in a Cat Rescue calendar – dressed as Mozart . As you do.

He’s interviewed and, according to himself become best friends with Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Lukas Rossi, Silverchair, Rihanna, Good Charlotte, 30 Seconds to Mars, Chingy, Weird Al, Ne-Yo, Westlife, Fergie and My Chemical Romance. They’ve all fallen prey to the Defries charm. Joel swears Rihanna was keen for a bit more than an interview…and recently he flew to Australia to interview Pink. She refused to be interviewed by him again in New Zealand.

Or anywhere in the world for that matter.

Likewise unimpressed was the viewer Joel ran into in Queen Street one night. After the viewer demonstrated just what he really thought of Joel as a presenter, he was left needing to take a week off work for the swelling to die down.

No-one could say he hasn’t made his mark on NZ. Joel is currently a finalist in the Air New Zealand Screen Awards 2007 (Presenter Entertainment/Factual)

So, ladies and gentlemen….next year we’ll be saying “Joel Defries is so like, 2007” and we say farewell to Joel in August.

And who, you ask, is his replacement? Well that would be telling! All will be revealed, watch this space!

DISCLAIMER * Joel had not fathered a child. He has no illegitimate children.

I used to watch Select Live a lot, back when it had a decent variety of music playing. Now it’s all crappy Chamillionaire-esque gangsta music that sucks. The videos are all the same (one big black guy and his little gang plus a lot of hot girls in bikinis), and all of them sound the same.

The other big group of videos playing is the whole lot of random bands nobody has ever heard of. Sometimes it’s emo bands, sometimes it’s little groups trying to be the next All American Rejects, but either way, they’re all a group of nobodies, most of whom can’t sing to save themselves and can’t play any better than your average boy next door.

About 90% of what plays will slot into one of those two categories. The other 10% are a breath of fresh air such as Lily Allen and Brooke Fraser. Justin Timberlake only half counts because while he’s white, hot, proven, and a great singer/dancer, he still follows some of the same video recipes as the first lot I described.

C4 used to have great variety all the time, now they’re just pathetic. Nobody wants to watch most of it anymore.