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Monday saw TV3 replace Story with their special interview When Hilary met Oprah. According to Mediaworks, it delivered the best ratings TV3 had had at 7pm since the launch of their new current affairs program in the key demographic. However, their use of cume was questionable.

The interview rated with an average audience of 199,550 viewers. 13 episodes of Story have had larger audiences.

For the rest of the week, Story had an average audience of 164,467 viewers per night, a drop of 2% on the previous week. With Monday included in the current affairs numbers, the average audience for the four nights were up 3% on the previous week to 173,253.

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Yesterday, Mediaworks sent through some data regarding the performance of When Hilary Met Oprah. As soon as I read that they had used cume as their measure, I cringed. Only a couple of months ago I pointed out that using cume as a measure for TV3’s first season of Masterchef New Zealand was a bad idea.

There were a number of problems with the data and rather than provide my own commentary around what Mediaworks had sent me, I decided to publish them wholesale and give you, the readers, a chance to mull over the spin.

Before we get into it, for those who don’t already know, cume is short for cumulative audience, or the total number of people who watch a part of a program. It can be useful for broadcast events like a telethon or the Rugby World Cup, for example, and provides a total number of viewers who tuned in for a part of it. Other than that, it is a vanity measurement. Continue reading »

It was a minor 1% drop in the average audience for Seven Sharp last week to 418,850 viewers per night compared to the 16% decrease for Story which was down to 168,285. Despite the fall, last week was still the second best week in the last two months for TV3.

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Paul Henry had his second best week ever last week and now Story has matched the success with their own second best performance. The average audience for TV3’s new 7pm current affairs show was up 24% on the previous week to 199,733 viewers per night.

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The Broadcasting Standards Authority has upheld a complaint from Right to Life New Zealand that a Seven Sharp item about voluntary euthanasia lacked balance.

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After the record low, Story has rebounded by 13% to an average audience of 160,665 viewers per night. Meanwhile, Seven Sharp dropped 3% to an average audience of 428,868 viewers per night.

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TVNZ will be enjoying the 11% increase of Seven Sharp on the previous week as the average audience jumped back towards the half million mark with 495,070 viewers per night. The increase is also reflected in the year on year figures with a 17% increase on the same period in 2014 and a 38% increase on 2013.

Mediaworks will be relieved to have a 3% lift on the previous week’s worst ever 7pm figures but Story’s 148,838 viewers per night is the second worst week for their early evening current affairs line up.

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The first week of daylight savings saw some big drops in viewership for both TV One and TV3 last week but while Seven Sharp had the biggest decrease of the week, Friday night saw Mediaworks suffer the worst average audience at 7pm we’ve seen. Lip Sync Battle’s average audience of 59,670 viewers is only marginally higher than what is on Four or Choice.

Seven Sharp was down 17% on the previous week to an average audience of 416,828 viewers per night.

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The BSA has released its findings on Mike Hosking’s final word from Seven Sharp on the waitress at the center of the ponytail incident involving the prime minister earlier in the year.

First, watch the monologue and then read the finding

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Yesterday afternoon, Mediaworks released a report which talked up what they perceived to be their ratings successes of the past week. Most people saw it for what it was but TVNZ’s Graeme Muir, Editor of Content, made this comment:

This is a bit like putting out a release that we’re nailing it in Household Shoppers with One Dog and Three Kids over 65. I’m pretty sure last time I checked 18-39 was TV2’s commercial demo, not TV3’s. But let’s entertain them for a minute about ‘double the audience’, with the rider that overnights never tell you very much. (If
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