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As Seven Sharp held steady on the previous week with an average audience of 502,902 viewers per night, Story was enjoying a 6% lift in their numbers to 180,020, thanks to Thursday night’s show that saw The Edge’s Dom Harvey have his prostate exam live on air. It was the fifth best night that the program has had in its short history.

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There was very little change for Story last week with the average audience remaining steady with 169,578 viewers per night. The overall average audience for the week was up 2% though thanks to a 21% increase for Lip Sync Battle to 160,488.

Seven Sharp however, once again lifted above the half million mark, up 6% to an average audience of 504,288 viewers per night.

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After a little more than a month on air and Story has gone from a high of 247,468 in its first week, to 170,758 in its second, rebuilding back to 194,953 before last week falling to a new low of 169,970 – a fall of 13%. Including Friday night’s Lip Sync Battle, TV3’s weekly average audience at 7pm was down to 156,574, only marginally higher than the second week of Story thanks to the faux singing competition drawing a six figure audience.

This puts the week only a touch higher than the two lowest rating weeks of Campbell Live in 2015 that resulted in the program going into review.

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It was a good week for both Seven Sharp and TV3’s new current affairs program Story last week with both shows increasing their audiences. TV One saw their average audience at 7pm increase by 5% to 502,254, breaking through the half million mark again.

Story increased their average audience by 4% to 194,953 viewers per night. Lip Sync Battle also increased their average audience with a 45% increase on the previous week, finally managing to pick up a six figure audience. This gave TV3’s weekly 7pm audience a lift of 8% overall.

While the numbers are better, they’re still not tracking any better than the dismal performance of Campbell Live at the start of the year which resulted in the show being canned.

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TV3’s new 7pm current affairs program, Story has rebounded from the second week lows and was up 10% on the previous week to an average audience of 188,048 viewers per night. While the bounce is good news, the numbers were only higher than the last two weeks of Campbell Live before the show was put in review so there is little celebrate. Additionally, the overall weekly average was again dragged lower by the under performing Lip Sync Battle which has failed to garner an audience higher than 100,000.

Seven Sharp was down less than 1% on the previous week to an average audience of 478,618 viewers per night. Since Story began, TV One has lost 11% of the audience it had while TV3 had no current affairs programming on at 7pm, a drop of 58,218 viewers on average per night.

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These won’t be the numbers that TV3 were wanting to see at all. Story, their 7pm current affairs replacement for Campbell Live, was down 31% on the previous week to an average audience of 170,758 viewers per night. Throwing Friday night and the additionally underperforming Lip Sync Battle, albeit slightly better this week, into the mix and the weekly average drops to 156,380.

Of most concern for Mediaworks will be that only a single week of Campbell Live rated worse prior to the review period. While it is only the second week, Story appears to have failed to consolidate the audience it procured on debut.

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rnz-nationalI’m on Morning Report on Radio New Zealand National at 7:50am this morning to talk about TV3’s new 7pm current affairs program Story.

STORY LOGO lockup with time dayThe second night of Story has once again delivered for TV3 with an increase in the average audience that Mediaworks had been enduring to 249,260 viewers. This is more that 100,000 viewers than Come Dine With Me had been getting and approximately 60,000 more than the average that Campbell Live had been getting before the review.

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STORY LOGO lockup with time dayTV3’s new 7pm current affairs program kicked off last night with an average audience higher than any of Campbell Live’s prior to the review. The 276,780 viewers on debut, while stronger than its predecessor, is still on par with the kind of numbers John Campbell and his team have regularly enjoyed in the past and with the expected surge of those checking in to see if the new program was any good, the question now remains as to whether the audience liked what they saw and will stick around or if the numbers will once begin to dwindle.

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As TV3 prepares to launch their new 7pm current affairs program, Story, their temporary replacement Come Dine With Me has slumped to the second worst week the local version of the amateur cooking program.

The average audience for the show was only 130,566 viewers, 10% lower than the previous week, and well down on the numbers Campbell Live had prior to going into review.

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