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TV3 will be somewhat relieved to see their 7pm programming had an 8% increase last week with Come Dine With Me up to an average audience of 144,682 viewers per night, making it the third best week the struggling show has had. With one week remaining until Story goes to air, the lift can’t come soon enough.

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The arrival of Story in two weeks won’t come soon enough for TV3. Despite a 6% lift in the average audience last week to 133,640 viewers per night for Come Dine With Me the numbers are still well down on the problems that Campbell Live was experiencing.

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Last week saw TV3’s poor performing Come Dine With Me hit an even worse low with the average audience down a further 10% to 125,498 viewers per night. The low ratings were dragged down by Thursday and Friday’s episodes which were the two lowest average audience figures TV3 has had at 7pm in more than a decade and were both below the 100,000 mark.

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TV3’s temporary replacement for early evening current affairs, Come Dine With Me, has had a slight improvement with a 3% rise on the previous week to an average audience of 139,554 viewers per night. While the numbers are marginally better than they were the week before, 7pm on TV3 is still in dire straights, down 37% on 2014 and 57% on Campbell Live’s big year in 2013.

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TV3’s efforts to drive away viewers at 7pm saw Come Dine With Me take the network to a new low last week with an average audience of 135,388 viewers per night, down another 1% on the previous week’s earlier record.

Thursday and Friday saw Come Dine With Me hit an average audience lower then any episode from Campbell Live’s ten year history. Last week’s average audience was 49% lower than 2014 and 61% lower than 2013.

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TV One’s Seven Sharp is enjoying significant ratings growth off the back of TV3’s decision to can Campbell Live. The average audience was up another 10% on previous highs to an impressive 592,282 viewers per night.

Come Dine With Me NZ had a reasonable start to the week with the highest average audience the show has had, breaking the 200,000 mark for the first time. However, the rest of the week saw the numbers plummet to some of the worst audiences TV3 has had at 7pm. Down a further 5% on the previous week, last week’s average audience of 137,062 viewers per night was the lowest weekly average TV3 have had in more than 10 years.

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Here is what Mike Hosking had to say about Global Mode on Seven Sharp last night.

Do you agree with Mike or have your own view on the Global Mode service? Leave a comment below and let us know.

The two weeks of Road Cops as a stop gap measure post Campbell Live rated marginally higher than its predecessor but that’s one thing it has over TV3’s latest replacement Come Dine With Me. The local adaptation of the cooking series, featuring Guy Williams, fell a further 7% on the previous week to the lowest average audience we’ve seen TV3 have in the 7pm time slot.

144,488 viewers on average tuned in each night which equates to a 59% drop on the same time two years ago when Campbell Live was at its peak.

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The second week of Road Cops dropped 10% on the previous week to an average audience of 155,006 viewers per night but to give an indication as to just how bad Campbell Live had gotten, these figures are still not as low as the lowest ratings the show had had at 7pm.

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road-copsDespite the fact that the numbers at 7pm have returned to around where they were before the Campbell Live review and that Seven Sharp is enjoying the highest ratings the show has ever had, there is another side of the story that is the key demographics.

What many refused or failed to believe was that prior to the review, Campbell Live had been getting trounced in the key demographics of 25-54. As the disloyal viewers flocked back in the hopes of saving the show, the numbers once again began to swing in TV3’s favour. However, on its departure from our screens and the dwindling of the audience figures, which have still be higher than Campbell Live’s lows, the key demos are once again in the spotlight.

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