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I would say that Guy Williams has big shoes to fill but he already has rather large feet. Yesterday’s announcement that he’ll be narrating the local version of Come Dine With Me was met with more joy and despair as yet another interim replacement for TV3’s early evening current affairs programming.

As was to be expected, Twitter turned a little vicious on him last night.

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Congratulations to TVNZer’s Ali Pugh who announced on air yesterday that she is pregnant and Nadine Chalmers-Ross who has announced she’s engaged.

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Last night’s episode of Road Cops drew an average audience of 212,010 viewers. While this was a public holiday, and the last time Road Cops replaced Campbell Live on one of these the average audience was up 44% on the previous four weeks, last night’s figures were well down on a typical Monday.

Campbell Live’s Monday night average for 2015 was 252,621 viewers. Last night suffered a 16% decline.

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The Friday night finale of Campbell Live saw John Campbell depart on a high as the average audience soared to 484,450 viewers, the highest it had ever been. An additional 48,120 viewers tuned in for the delayed broadcast on TV3’s plus 1 channel.

The final episode lifted the weekly average by 15% on the previous week to 339,054 viewers per night. On last year, the average was up 37%. Sadly, however, the weekly average was still down 16% on 2013 despite the big send off.

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Missing Best Bits? Here's all the times Vaughan took the piss out of Jesse about his time at Seven Sharp..

Posted by Best Bits on Thursday, May 28, 2015

campbell-live-2014On Good Friday this year, Campbell Live took the day off to enjoy the long weekend along with most other working Kiwis. Programmers at TV3 replaced Campbell Live with the same show that is replacing it on Monday – Road Cops.

The outraged are appalled that current affairs has been dumped in favour of some reality TV for Monday’s Queens Birthday holiday but it shouldn’t come as any surprise that this is happening. When the programmers at TV3 did this back in April, the ratings for that timeslot jumped by a more than significant 44% on the previous four weeks. Continue reading »

With TV3 announcing they’re pulling the plug on Campbell Live shortly, viewers are still tuning in in support. While there was a small 2% drop in the average audience last week, the 294,056 viewers that tuned in each night were still considerably up on earlier in the year.

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Both TV One and TV3 will be happy with the performance of their 7pm weeknight shows last week. Campbell Live lifted again with a 4% rise on the previous week to end with an average audience of 300,990 viewers per night. However, the big gains were made by Seven Sharp which lifted by 14% to end the week with an average audience of 500,058 viewers per night.

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So, this happened when we tried to record the promo today. What do you reckon set Mike and Pippa off with the giggles?

Posted by Seven Sharp on Sunday, May 10, 2015

While the numbers for Campbell Live are still up from where they were, the audience levels are waning. Last week’s average audience was 289,430 viewers per night, down 11% on the previous week with Friday night delivering the lowest audience since the review of the show was announced.

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