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One of the things that we’ve observed about the audience of Campbell Live over the years as that while Seven Sharp often has wildly fluctuating highs and lows, TV3’s current affairs program is usually consistent across the entire year. The loyalty of the audience hasn’t gone unnoticed and in the last couple of weeks since the announcement of the review, they’ve been coming home in their droves.

Last week set a new achievement for John Campbell and his team though. The average audience was not only up 16% on the prvious week but also 21% on 2014. Furthermore, the average audience of 326,252 viewers that were tuning in at 7pm was 5% higher than the same week in 2013.

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Mike Hosking called out Best Bits on his show. Here’s Jesse’s response.

Posted by Best Bits on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GlorivaleThere have been a number of accusations that Seven Sharps coverage and an insider look at Gloriavale tonight is just copying of Campbell Live’s recent expose on the community. It’s not the first time this has happened, as you’d well expect. Current affairs is current affairs.

I do have a question though. I know that TV One’s Sunday had a feature on Gloriavale on the 19th of April and that Campbell Live has had extensive coverage since then but what I’m not aware of is, was there any specific coverage prior to this?

I can see that there was a story in March about a family that left the community and went to Timaru but has there been any coverage that you’ve seen other than this on either channel?

Despite a 5% decline in the average audience from last week’s stellar performance for TV3’s current affairs program with 281,636 viewers, the year on year figures against 2013 were the best they’ve had.

While the previous week delivered a higher average audience, those numbers were still down 13% against the epic 2013 figures. This week, while they were still 7% shy of the same week in 2013, it’s the closest the week’s have been.

Compared to 2014, Campbell Live delivered a 29% increase over the same week last year, the second consecutive week that the ratings have been up.

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While fans of Campbell Live have tuned in to boost the average audience for the show, they’re not actually helping. Last night’s average audience was up to 293,300 which was the third highest rating episode the show has had since September 2013. However, the problem that Mediaworks has been wanting to address is that the audience from Campbell Live isn’t sticking around after the show which is affecting the rest of their evening ratings and ultimately, their revenue.

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Seven Sharp's Mike Hosking says the cafe owners are the losers in the John Key ponytail pulling saga and questions the waitress' motive in making the incident public.

Posted by ONE News on Thursday, April 23, 2015

After the threat of cancellation, viewers have rallied to Campbell Live with a surge in the average audience over the last week to 295,520 viewers per night. This is the highest the weekly average has been since the third week of September, 2013.

The result puts the TV3 current affairs program 20% ahead of last week’s result, 11% higher than the same week in 2014 but still 13% behind the same period in 2013 when the show was making major inroads into TV One’s Seven Sharp.

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News that a review was underway for Campbell Live helped TV3’s daily current affairs program break tradition and increase its average audience every single day last week.

The added publicity helped lift viewership, delivering an average audience of 245,373 per night. This was a 42% increase on the previous week and the highest since June last year.

Additionally, for the first time in 2015, Campbell Live has increased its average audience on the previous year, lifting by 4% when compared to the same period in 2014.

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With the impending departure of Campbell Live at 7:30pm on TV3 there is much interest in the ratings for the show and why this decision has come about now.

First up, this is a combined graph of the average audiences between Seven Sharp and Campbell Live from when the first went head to head back on the fourth of February 2013 and the end of last week.

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It was a short week last week thanks to Easter and both Seven Sharp and Campbell Live taking Good Friday off. Dropping the typically lower Friday figures from the weekly average has once again helped as both shows enjoyed a lift in average audience.

TV One’s current affairs program had a 10% rise in the average audience to 453,890 viewers per night while TV3 had a 12% rise from their all time low to 172,420.

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