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TV3’s summertime filler for Campbell Live, @Seven, may have received some negative feedback from viewers but didn’t do too badly in the ratings.

@Seven even appeared in the Top 30 shows for a week.

(Does Campbell Live ever do that?)

Compare how well Campbell Live was rating in December, with @Seven‘s ratings during January.

The grey dot on the right is last night’s rating for the return of Campbell Live:


Source: AGB Nielsen, Percentage of viewers 5+

Anyone else notice that Petra said “Hey Look” at least nine times tonight on @Seven?  (Pretty much every time she introduced a story…)

Why is everone all most against @seven. It’s their first week on. give them a chance!

@Seven had an average audience of 175,000 for its premiere episode last night and a 11.9% audience share.

For comparison, last Monday’s Campbell Live drew in 258,000.  Last year’s Campbell Live summer replacement, The Simpsons, pulled 222,000 on the Monday before Christmas.


* Source: AGB Nielsen, 5+

Only a few days till Christmas! All the shopping is done, starting to pack my bag full of washing to take home, and I can sit back, relax, and watch some great TV – or is it?

Tonight I tuned in to a new show on TV3 called @Seven. Featuring the comedians from 7 Days and Petra Bagust, I had high hopes for this show originally. After watching the promo I thought it would be something like The 7pm Project in Australia from the makers of Rove (and we all know anything Rove has put his name to must be funny!). However after watching the first 5 minutes, I found myself switching back to the computer and tweeting about how I disliked the show. I haven’t Tweeted this much since Telethon 09, and I’m now a regular Twitter…er
It’s easy to criticize shows like this, and many of us wouldn’t know the first thing about television or comedy. Even I’ve tried something like this on radio (much shorter and without comedians), and there are still some kinks to iron out. But  after seeing these people perform on 7Days, I know they can do better than this!

Paul Ego and Ben Hurley are undoubtedly two of the most funny comedians on television right now. Their quick wit on 7 Days makes them stand out from the rest, and I was expecting to see some of that tonight. Oh how I was disappointed! There wasn’t much to laugh about, and I felt that when Hurley did his ‘Hurley Burley’ segment (I think that’s what it was called – my attention was attracted by other things), it was lame. I don’t know what else to say except it was lame. How could it improve? I have no idea, I’m not a comedian, but PLEASE make us laugh just like you do in 7Days.
Petra Bagust is a very talented presenter. She is essentially the female equivalent of Jason Gunn, except part of the MediaWorks stable. But I felt in this show she was lacking something. Perhaps someone funnier should be hosting – not someone to get a gender balance, but a someone who can be funny and someone we can laugh with. Prime example of this – Hurley was talking about a reporter who was laughing at a report about a homicide. The report featured a person with crazy eyes in his mug shot. Petra then says the obvious punch line which everyone had realised a minute earlier – “Maybe it’s the photo”. Really? I would’ve never guessed.
Jesse Mulligan once again disapppointed me. OK when he does stand-up comedy but when it comes to a format television show, it doesn’t work well with him.
The one person that I feel did well tonight was Dai Henwood. His style of humour came through very well and I enjoyed his segment on mistletoe. Reminded me of some of the stuff we recorded at Broadcasting School a few years ago (Search for ‘Edge on Toast’ on YouTube – you might find something). It was funny, had a random interview with a lawyer, cheesy piece to cam at the end, and I really enjoyed it. Maybe he should be hosting this show?
Overall though, the show fell flat! I was watching and wondering where the last 30 minutes of my life went. Perhaps the show will get better over time just like Jeremy Corbett did hosting 7 Days. But I feel it might need some changes for it to become primetime viewing – suggestions have been made to include a live studio audience to fill the gaps. We know it would cost money to do it live from a location like The Transmission Room, but how about pre-recording it at 5pm and airing it at 7. That would save TV3 some money and make the show much more enjoyable.
I bet you the second it starts getting better, Campbell Live will be back on air and we’ll start all over again in December 2010 (if it gets renewed!)
(Blatantly copied and pasted from my blog – http://vfts.thekiwipc.com/)

TV3’s pilot of @Seven started off on shakey ground but may get better over time.

Initial feedback from viewers is that the show would benefit from a live audience and whether Petra suited the show.

Positive ( 2 ):

Pretty damn good.  Better than Campbell Live for sure. @LuuukeDodd
It’s so awesome @BrOoKeElLeNaNa

Mixed/Neutral ( 7 ):

It will improve. Wasn’t a great first showing, but it has the talent to improve. Don’t think Petra suited it. Shavaughn would be a good anchor I think…or Jane Yee. @ell
It’s really funny, but lacks the energy of a live audience @itslukejoseph
Needs a live audience @JessCann
Average. And yet i continue to watch @GreerMcDonald
3/5 @kimmy4321
is the name inspired by twitter? if so they should have checked if the account wasn’t already in use @cameron_prebble
Soooo disappointing. Hopefully it gets better in time @Tinopai

Negative ( 12 ):

Sucked balls didn’t it! I love how Petra said it was either them or the Simpsons. Should’ve gone with the Simpsons TV3. – @MarkJamesDye
SUPER LAME!! @mvnz
Must have cost about $60 to make.  Cheap and not cheerful… @cjlambert
Oh dear.  fail tv show.  i <3 ben hurley but this show sucks.  @FiTheTerrible
Petra Bagust has as much personality as a goldfish. And concept of show is lame. TV off. @thenoemi
Oh dear. I’d have preferred Simpsons reruns. @badtom
I don’t understand @ seven on TV3??! It’s not that funny, and I hate news.. Time to turn the TV off! @_aims_
The new NZ TV3 show “@ Seven” is giving all the signs of being a poorly thought out and unprepared piece of media fluff. Poor Petra Bagust. @Psygnal
Reminds me of the lame skits we did at school camp aged 11. Like cracking an egg over a bowl for “breaking news”. @redcantab
Can I please have the last 30 minutes of my life back? @swiftynz
Appalling @dom_sutton
S***house. What the eff @JessCann

Is @Seven supposed to be funny? The two men who I assume are supposed to be comedians are absolutely lame. It’s appalling.