Sex Inspectors

Sex Inspectors
Wednesday 19 September, 10.30pm

This saucy new series on TV2 sees brave couples who are experiencing difficulties in the bedroom receive expert advice on how to makeover their sex lives!

Every episode of Sex Inspectors features a different couple with a particular sexual problem or frustration. They may simply be bored in the bedroom, or in a sexual rut, and crave some practical advice on how to spice up their love life. For some couples the arrival of children may have dampened their sexual ardour and they need some tips on how to re-ignite the flame. Others are just not pressing the right buttons anymore, and require some expert help on how to turn each other on again.
This is where the ‘sexperts’ come in! Acclaimed author, sex columnist and body language expert Tracey Cox, and outrageous American sex columnist and broadcaster, Michael Alvear, will intimately observe the couples each week. They both possess the necessary credentials and experience – both professionally and personally – to assess the couple’s technique and performance and look for areas of improvement. Tracey and Michael will explore ways of enhancing the couple’s sex life through setting tasks, providing tips and practical advice to enable them to see measurable improvement, break through barriers and take their sex life to new heights – and show viewers how to have a hotter love life.

In the first episode, Tracey and Michael meet Jamie (29), a property developer, and his partner Charlotte (29), a full-time mother to her three-year-old daughter. Things seemed to be going well for this loving and committed couple until earlier this year, when Charlotte dropped a bombshell on Jamie… in the 18 months they’ve been together, she’s been faking in bed! Needless to say, Jamie didn’t take the news too well. He feels betrayed since Charlotte’s revelation, and their sex life has suffered. She now regrets sharing her secret and feels she’s ruined the relationship.

So there’s plenty here for the Sex Inspectors to tackle, and first on their agenda is to put the couple straight about a few key issues. Tracey and Michael must reassure Charlotte that her feelings are common, and that she needs to learn to lose her inhibitions. And next it’s down to the nitty-gritty with Jamie, teaching him a few new moves. Tracey and Michael leave the couple to it. But will they take to their new techniques?

Sex Inspectors aims to take a very candid and highly constructive approach to sexuality and sexual problems, and is packed with practical information to help not just their subjects, but also the viewers, become braver in bed.

Inspect the work of TV2’s new Sex Inspectors, Wednesday 19 September, 10.30pm.