Shakespeare Re-Told

Shakespeare Re-Told: Macbeth

UKTV – Sundays from 16 December, 6.00pm

Top chef Joe Macbeth has worked hard to make Duncan Docherty’s restaurant a success. So, when he’s told it’ll all be his one day, what’s to stop him taking it now?

Written by Peter Moffat (Cambridge Spies) and starring the up-and-coming James McAvoy and Keeley Hawes.

Shakespeare Re-Told: Much Ado About Nothing

UKTV – Sundays from 9 December, 6.00pm

When the bickering between broadcasters Beatrice and Benedick gets too much to take, their colleagues at South West TV come up with a cunning plan to shut the pair up. Meanwhile, lovely weathergirl Hero and dashing reporter Claude are a match made in heaven – but does everyone want to see them so happy?
Featuring Sarah Parish as Beatrice, presenter of a popular early evening news show whose ex-lover and arch enemy Benedick (played by Damian Lewis) is hired as her co-anchor. Billie Piper stars as the weather girl in this reworking by David Nicholls (Cold Feet).