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julian-wilcoxMaori Television has confirmed that their head of News and Current Affairs, Julian Wilcox, is not seeking political office for any political party in the general election.

In a statement, Chief executive Paora Maxwell said:

MTS accepts Mr Wilcox’s written statement and we will continue to value our editorial independence in providing impartial and independent news coverage of significant regional and national stories from a Maori perspective.

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shane_taurimaDespite being found to have misused TVNZ resources and despite the Labour Party Council vetoing Shane Taurima’s candidate selection, the Tamaki Makaurau electorate committee still support the embattled former broadcaster as their man to win the seat in the upcoming general election.

And now it starts to get messy. Former Labour MP, John Tamihere, has raised questions on Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report about Labour Party President, Moira Coatsworth’s meetings with Maori Television’s Julian Wilcox. Continue reading »

shane_taurimaAfter yesterday’s report into Shane Taurima’s lapse of judgement at TVNZ, the Labour Party have decided that they don’t want him as their candidate for Tamaki Makaurau.

But is it a case of damaged goods or is there more to come? Plenty of politicians survive making foolish mistakes so why have Labour decided that Taurima isn’t their man in this case? Continue reading »


TVNZ’s Chief Executive, Kevin Kenrick, says he accepts the findings of the review panel commissioned to investigate allegations of political bias, the misuse of TVNZ resources and conflicts of interest. Mr Kenrick says TVNZ will immediately take steps to tighten internal protocols, as recommended, to protect the editorial independence of its news.

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This just in from TVNZ

TVNZ will release the report into allegations of political bias, the misuse of TVNZ resources and conflicts of interest at around 2:30pm this afternoon.

There will be a media statement sent by email and the review panel’s full report will be released at the same time.

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julian-wilcoxWith the findings from TVNZ’s Shame Taurima investigation being due for release this week, Labour are now worried the delays will put them at a disadvantage given the Maori Party, which holds the seat, has already selected its candidate to replace Pita Sharples.

The irony in suggesting they’re being disadvantaged isn’t lost on me. However, this statement this morning raises questions about Julian Wilcox and his position at Maori Television: Continue reading »

shane_taurimaPolitics is a funny beast. Labour, who currently seem to struggle with the idea of rejuvenation, must really want the former TVNZ head of Maori programming, Shane Taurima, as their candidate for the Tamaki Makaurau electorate despite the allegations and investigations into his perceived conflict of interest at the state broadcaster while he was there.

Labour has extended its deadline for the Tamaki Makaurau seat for the third time as it waits for a TVNZ report into the actions of potential candidate Shane Taurima. Continue reading »

shocked-tamatiAfter the recent revelations of conflicts of interest by TVNZ employees and a number of them going on to become members of parliament, or at least attempt to be, TVNZ is now suggesting that employees may have to disclose their political affiliations.  Furthermore, it appears as though TVNZ will no longer employ presenters who have stood for a party after the Shane Taurima fiasco.

TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick says employees may have to declare any links with a political party as a result of Labour hopeful Shane Taurima’s actions while general manager of its Maori and Pacific unit.

But TVNZ’s existing guidelines for journalists already advise that and warn against situations similar to that when Mr Taurima was rehired at the state broadcaster last year.


Former Breakfast weather presenter Tamati Coffey will not be allowed back in a similar role at Television New Zealand after putting his hand up for Labour. Continue reading »

First it was Shane Taurima’s conflict of interest and now it’s the made up cyber bullying.

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Shane Taurima scurried out the door after revelations he had bought a serious conflict of interest into the TVNZ newsroom.  Now we find two more TVNZ staff, one of whom has been a trustworthy figure in many homes delivering news most days of the week, have been making stuff up.

While TVNZ will spin this, and have, as a simple misunderstanding of what the piece was, this brings into question the integrity of the newsroom where at least one high profiled news reader has now been found to have made up statements for what was viewed as a serious and truthful news piece.

The question that now goes begging is “What else do TVNZ make up?” Continue reading »