Shark Nicole

Saturday 14 March, 6.30pm on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

All of Earth’s oceans are home to the Great White Shark yet for years, the movements of this intriguing animal have remained an enigma. Keen to learn more about this much maligned animal, researchers develop a satellite tagging system. Now scientists Michael Scholl and Ramon Bonfil have befriended and tagged a shark they call Nicole. This single white female takes them on an incredible and previously unimaginable journey across an ocean seething with threats to her survival. Drawn by overpowering natural instincts, Nicole determinedly navigates icy cold waters, dives to unfathomable depths, battles hunger and fatigue and outsmarts some of the Atlantic Ocean’s most lethal inhabitants. See and feel the oceans through her eyes and senses – a watery world full of wonder, mystery, and danger.