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the BOX – Thursdays from 7 February, 7.30pm

Emmy-nominated courtroom drama series following the personal and professional life of cutthroat prosecutor and legal shark, Sebastian Stark, played by acclaimed actor JAMES WOOD (Casino, The General’s Daughter). After a shocking outcome in one of his cases and a personal epiphany, Stark brings his cutthroat tactics to the prosecutor’s office. As the head of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s High Profile Crime Unit, Stark is forced to work for his former nemesis, Jessica Devlin (JERI RYAN Boston Public, Star Trek Voyager), the ambitious and accomplished D.A. who despises his ruthless strategies. Devlin teams him with a group of young prosecutors who are about to have the learning experience of a lifetime because, while Stark is seeking to redeem himself, he has no intention of changing his underhanded approach just because he’s working for the “good guys” now. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the courthouse…

James Woods’ real-life action drama
Friday, June 1st at 8:30pm

Academy Award-nominee James Woods wraps up his first season in the hit new legal drama Shark on Friday, June 1st at 8:30pm on 3.

Woods is obviously happy to be back on air after a few quiet years, but claims he was never worried during that time because he always knew he would be back.

“I didn’t mind when I was on the way down, because I always knew I was going to go back up,” Woods told Maxim. “This mistake people make is that they try to fight it – they do more publicity. Instead I just shut my mouth and stayed away until I became a good idea again. And I’m coming back big, like clockwork.”

In this action-packed finale of Shark, there are many lives at stake when a madman wielding a gun takes the entire courtroom hostage. However, Woods himself is not unaccustomed to action and drama, both on screen and in real life, having a few close calls that almost saw him not here at all.

“I’m telling you, moviemaking is not fun. We did [a] scene at the Guatemalan border where a guy puts a gun to my head and pulls the trigger. I’ll never forget kneeling there. My hands are behind my back. The guy puts the gun to my head, and I hear him say ‘Esta un Blanca.’ That’s a blank. Oliver [Stone, director] tells me to shut up. So I grabbed the gun, raised it in the air, pulled the trigger, and the blank went off. I was four seconds from being killed.”

Woods also got up close and personal with two of the 9/11 terrorists. On a plane flying from Boston to LA in about August of 2001, a month before the attacks, he boarded with four men who carried no luggage on such a long flight, and who kept looking towards the cabin every time the pilot left it.

“I went up to the cabin attendant – whatever the politically correct word is for stewardess – and I said, ‘It’s probably a felony to say this out loud, but I think this plane is about to be hijacked.’ And she said, ‘I’m having that same feeling. Are you talking about the four men in the matching windbreakers?’ She called the captain but the first officer came out. They both made reports to the Federal Aviation Administration. It turned out that two of the guys were in the 9/11 attacks. Nobody wanted to listen then. They listen now, but it cost them almost 3,000 lives.”

With his real-life starting to sound like a plot for an action film, it’s no wonder Woods relished in the return to the somewhat calmer world to television.

“The best material is on TV. After I read the script for Shark, I thought ‘Wow, I haven’t read a part like this in 10 years.’ Men in their 50s are typecast as the corporate villain. Shark gave me the opportunity to be a tainted hero – the best kind of hero to portray. It’s a golden opportunity for an old samurai like myself.”

See Woods in the final episode of this season if Shark, screening on Friday, June 1st at 8:30pm on 3.

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As with all under-rated shows, Shark is kind of buried opposite Rude Awakenings on a Friday night. I record this show and really like it. James Woods as usual does an excellent job,even tho it’s a role that’s a lot different from his movie roles. It’s maybe an example that shows TV is where its at these days more than the movies.

Friday, February 2nd at 8:30pm

Academy Award-nominee James Woods and Jeri Ryan team up for this brand new legal drama that is clever, witty and at times heart-wrenching; Shark premieres on Friday, February 2nd at 8:30pm on 3.

Woods stars as Sebastian Stark, a top celebrity lawyer who has an attack of conscience when one of the clients he gets off violently re-offends. Stark, known as Shark to those in the industry, decides to change his ways and moves from defence to prosecution.

Working for the local district attorney, Shark finds himself working with a group of new lawyers under the ever watchful eye of his old nemesis, Jessica Devlin (Ryan). Can he take his relentlessly cutthroat ways and apply them to putting away bad guys?

Although Woods can see the bad side of the intense, hard-to-love title character, he also has high hopes for his redemption.

“Our story will be about a man with overwhelming narcissism and ego who has [been] knocked down so many pegs from where he started and finds his way back to believing in justice,” Woods told Suite 101.

The Academy Award-nominee is very optimistic about his move from the silver screen to the small screen with Shark. Not only does he get to play a great title character, but he also gets to work with his long-time friend and mega-producer Brian Grazer in an industry that he has a high respect for.

“We’ve [Brian and I] talked about this… you are getting more and more corporate thinking in making movies and also you are getting more parochial thinking.

“Movies seem to be sacred whereas television seems to be like a teenager sowing his or her oats.”

However, just because he’s an experienced actor doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to work hard on Shark.

“You think this is easy?” Woods jokes about arriving on set every day. “Five young, smart, hot-looking people, and fat old Jim coming out every day.”

Join the not-so-fat and the not-so-old James Woods as Shark premieres on Friday, February 2nd at 8:30pm on 3.