Shine TV

We just recieved the following email from TiVo:

To our Auckland region customers: Broadcasters are close to launching eight new free-to-air television channels in your region: Southern Cross TV, Shine TV, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6. In preparation, we will be adding them to your TiVo’s Channel List.

These channels will not have Program Guide data available until their official release, which will be on a date yet to be announced by the broadcaster.

Looks like 7 Korean channels and one religious one arriving shortly.  

Shine TV will soon be available to even more people through Freeview Satellite. Here’s the info:

  • From April 1 you’ll be able to find us on Channel 25 on Freeview Satellite
  • Freeview Satellite is also known as DTH (Direct to Home) and is different to terrestrial Freeview
  • You will need a satellite dish and a Freeview satellite decoder/receiver – but don’t worry if you don’t have these, we hope to be able to help you get both! Stay tuned for a special offer.
  • Freeview Satellite means that Shine TV has the potential to reach the entire country!