Short Poppies

short-poppiesI have to admit, I’m really not a fan of awkward comedies. From Meet the Fockers to The Office to Hello Ladies, there really is so much I can take.  While I’m sure we can all attest to certain people who have crossed paths with us over the years, most people just aren’t either that stupid or that naive.

They also say that there is nothing new under the sun.  A series where the lead characters are all played by the same actor has certainly been done before.  Australia’s Chris Lilley in Summer Heights High and locally, Madeliene Sami’s Super City.

Last night I sat down and watched the first two episodes of Short Poppies thanks to TVNZ’s decision to put the entire 8 episode NZ On Air funded series online after we exposed that they had allowed the series to be made available overseas first.  There were certainly laugh-out-loud moments but there were also plenty of cringeworthy Rhys Darby moments that back all those memories of band manager Murray from Flight of the Conchords. Continue reading »

Sitting down to watch Short Poppies last night on TVNZ on demand, I noticed they’d added WORLD EXCLUSIVE to their promo on the homepage.  Had we not pushed this, I doubt they’d be enjoying the ability to say this.

world-exclusive Continue reading »

On Wednesday we asked TVNZ if they would make the entire series of Short Poppies available ondemand after this website highlighted the fact that the NZ On Air funded comedy Short Poppies was to screen on a subscription service in four other countries before screening in New Zealand. TVNZ have now confirmed that they will make the entire series available here first and exclusively on TVNZ Ondemand.

Television New Zealand is delighted to announce the launch of Short Poppies, the current affairs mockumentary by comedy superstar Rhys Darby, on Tuesday April 1st, at 6pm on TVNZ Ondemand.

All eight episodes of the NZ On Air-funded series will be launched at once, and will be available Ondemand for four weeks.

The series will be screening on TV ONE later in 2014. Continue reading »

short-poppiesTVNZ have provided some insight as to why Rhys Darby’s new comedy Short Poppies is heading to Netflix before it is screening in New Zealand.

TVNZ originally looked at scheduling Short Poppies for TV ONE in late 2013 and the producers lined up a deal for the show to go on Netflix in 2014 based on that understanding.

We then made a call to hold on to the series until this year so we could play it together with our other comedy commissions Agent Anna and Coverband to create a strong strand of local comedy for TV ONE this year – but by that point the producers had closed their deal with Netflix. Continue reading »

short-poppies**UPDATED** TVNZ reveal why Short Poppies is heading to Netflix first

When we revealed that Rhys Darby’s new NZ On Air funded comedy Short Poppies was going to be available in its entirety overseas before screening in New Zealand, NZ On Air told us

There is no requirement for a show to screen in NZ first, although the Netflix deal is a first. If a foreign broadcaster screened a funded programme ahead of NZ, we wouldn’t worry about that either, as long as we knew the NZ screening was in the pipeline.

However, NZ On Air states on their What We Fund page:

We do not fund programmes on pay channels – our policy requires funded content to be available free to the taxpayers who’ve funded it (initially at least).

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short-poppiesThis morning we broke the story that Rhys Darby’s new NZ On Air funded comedy Short Poppies would be available to Netflix subscribers in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland before it even screened in New Zealand.  Subsequently NZ On Air have told us:

It’s a real coup for the series. There is no requirement for a show to screen in NZ first, although the Netflix deal is a first. If a foreign broadcaster screened a funded programme ahead of NZ, we wouldn’t worry about that either, as long as we knew the NZ screening was in the pipeline.

NZ On Air will receive a portion of revenue from the Netflix deal, which will be reinvested in more  local television. Continue reading »

While it is great news that Netflix has landed exclusive streaming rights for Rhys Darby’s NZ On Air funded comedy Short Poppies, the entire 8 episode season will be available in the US, Canada, U.K. and Ireland before a single episode screens here.

Netflix has landed streaming rights to “Short Poppies,” a mockumentary-style comedy created by and starring New Zealand thesp Rhys Darby (who costarred in HBO’s “Flight of the Conchords”).

The eight-episode series is set to launch exclusively on April 3 for Netflix subscribers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ireland. Show follows a journalist as he meets quirky characters in a small New Zealand town — all played by Darby. Continue reading »

ringmasterTVNZ announced their 2014 line up at an extravagant event we weren’t invited to but attended anyway at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland last night.   It was an event full of bragging.  TVNZ are number one in News, Current Affairs, Drama, Comedy and Local Content and they proudly paraded those facts in front of advertisers and selected media along with delegates from Disney and Fox, who they’re currently trying to woo into an output deal over Mediaworks.

The event opened with alcohol being plied to the cash rich advertisers as a circus ringmaster welcomed everyone to the event of the year.

Once inside, the screens were massive and the way they used them all throughout the presentation was pretty impressive.  Imagine the promotion for The Muppets movie which will screen on TV2 in 2014 with a different muppet in their show window in each of those screens.

tvnz-new-season-panorama Continue reading »

NZ On Air is pleased to announce support for an exciting new line up of documentaries and comedies set to hit screens in 2013.

The first funding round of the new financial year has seen nearly $12 million committed to comedies and documentaries to screen across five free-to-air channels.

“We had a large number of applications for this round” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.  “That has meant some very tough decisions. But audiences are in for some special treats next year from a particularly varied range of talent behind the successful projects”, she says. Continue reading »