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Evan takes drastic measures to keep his family out of debt. Continue reading »

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Vinnie acts tough, Harper softens up, and Emma and Sam heat up. Continue reading »

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Murray makes a decision, TK’s woes are over, and Vinnie challenges Kane. Continue reading »

Tonight on Shortland Street, it’s the new stud vs old blood as Kane goes head-to-head with Vinnie in a burpee race around the hospital. To celebrate the big event, Pua Magasiva and KJ Apa have created a special workout video. Just because there are never enough abs on Shortland Street as it is.

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Murray gets in over his head, Brooke gets involved, and TK gets blackmailed. Continue reading »

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Nicole ‘divorces’ herself. Continue reading »

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Murray realises the full extent of the damage to his bar. Continue reading »

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Brooke has babies on the brain, TK takes care of cyclists, and Bella brokers peace.

TK spends the beginning of the episode defending cyclists, which is hilarious if you remember Ben Mitchell’s anti-cyclist sentiments in an interview last year. He and Sarah eventually reconcile their differences and Sarah agrees to go to counselling to process being dropped from the trial.

Brooke comes to the realisation that she wants to have a baby with Boyd. She tells him this, but he is frustrated with her for telling him right before a big meeting. Brooke is left feeling deflated after her rejection.

Bella manages to fix her mistake from last night by buddying up to the PA of the rival company she accidentally sent Boyd’s proposal to. Between Bella and Chelsea they manage to call a truce between Chris and the rival company. Chris is so impressed with her people skills that he tells her he will recommend to Rachel that she hire Bella as PA permanently.

Boyd and Chris meet with Invictus, the company they want  to produce the drill guide, and their representative tells them that the production of the drill guide is almost guaranteed.

Boyd returns home to Brooke and tells her that he actually does want to have a baby with her. The two embrace and the credits roll.

Keen-eyed viewers will notice that the preview shown after tonight’s episode was the preview for tonight instead of tomorrow – oops!

seven-sharp-2014-2Last night’s episode of Seven Sharp is now the highest rating episode the TV One 7pm program has had, breaking the former record of 496,950 that was set on the 4th of February 2013. Last night’s average audience was 500,750 viewers.

Campbell Live drew an average audience of 216,290, significantly less than half of it’s rival.

Further more, Seven Sharp also beat Shortland Street which drew an average audience of slightly less with 498,950 viewers.

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Sarah sees the light, Boyd sees red, and TK gets in a fist fight. Continue reading »