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Caterina De Nave (O.N.Z.M)

23/02/1947 – 17/08/2014

Caterina De Nave, ONZM, was a major figure in the New Zealand television landscape. As producer on a range of dramas including the ambitious Erebus: The Aftermath, and the first woman to head a department at Television New Zealand, De Nave helped break the glass ceiling for women’s advancement within the industry. Aside from the high stress job of helping choose which Kiwi programmes got made, she was also a key player in the birth of New Zealand’s longest-running soap, Shortland Street.

Her producing credits include internationally successful science fiction series, The Boy From Andromeda; hit comedy The Topp Twins; and family dramas Steel Riders and Children of the Dog Star.

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 Dayna and Evan are definitely over, and the hunt for an Extract Seven sample continues. Continue reading »

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