Singing With The Enemy

9:30pm Friday, February 5 on Prime


In this episode, all-male glam rockers Lethal Fixx come face to face with Severed Heaven, five fearsome, feminist death metal maidens. Will Severed Heaven’s feminist views clash with the boy’s sexism and hedonistic lifestyle? Who will win the battle to be lead guitarist in the new band, Joe or Leanne? Can lead singers Jade and Satanica harmonise their totally different vocal styles? In the end, will music bring them together or pull them further apart?

9:30pm Friday, January 29 on Prime


This week sees top music producer Tommy D match a wild, electro-rock collective with a manufactured boy band. Two bands from opposite ends of the music spectrum, but Tommy hopes that K-Tron’s experimental sound and anarchic attitudes combined with Code 5’s mainstream harmonies will create an interesting new sound.

But will ultra-hip K-Tron be willing to work with a bunch of musicians who sing Lionel Richie covers? And will the weirdness of K-Tron’s world send the straight-laced boy band over the edge?

9:30pm Friday, January 22 on Prime


Brutal death metal band, Amputated come face to face with sassy girl-band, Fallen Angelz. Will Fallen Angelz be able to stomach Amputated’s women-hating songs? Will the brutal metal boys have their hearts softened by the charms of the pop girls? Can the bands learn to get over their differences and work together or will the collaboration be a disaster and ruin all their reputations?

9:30pm Friday, January 15 on Prime


This week classical virtuosos from the West Country, Apollo Strings, come face to face with Don Diva, three outspoken alpha female rappers from inner-city London. Will the classical girls cope with the rappers’ contempt for their style of music? How will the outspoken Diva’s deal with Apollo Strings’ stiff upper lips? Can music help them bridge their class and cultural divide or will it pull them further apart?

9:30pm Friday, January 8 on Prime


In this episode sleaze punk band, Paparazzi Whore, work with devout Christian rock band, Dweeb. Paparazzi Whore enjoy porn, pole dancing and open sex. The two lead singers Micci and Susie are in a relationship, Micci is also married to bassist Chris. Virginal Dweeb don’t practise any sexual acts and believe homosexuality is wrong.

Will the Christians be corrupted by the depraved punks or will anarchists see the light and mend their ways? Will music unify these radically different groups?