Sky News NZ Evening News

The half hour bulletin of Sky News is struggling to come up with viewing numbers. At this stage, only 1500 people nationally are tuning in to watch Sky Evenings news at 7pm. Despite this, Sky News Australia CEO has reported that the company is committed to the New Zealand local news and would continue with the programme.

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If you haven’t yet caught up with the new Sky News show, here’s a clip that damokovacs uploaded to YouTube:

SKY News today announced a major boost to independent news production in NZ spearheaded by a new nightly program “SKY NEWS NZ Evening News”.

SKY NEWS NZ Evening News will be broadcast LIVE at 7pm, with additional broadcasts at 8.30pm and 9pm to provide New Zealanders with increased viewing opportunities.

The initiative is part of wider investment by SKY NEWS in the development of more independent news production in NZ.

New Zealand News Week, a weekly news wrap up pertaining to New Zealanders, currently made by TV3 will now be produced by SKY NEWS from Prime’s Auckland studios. The Best of Close Up, produced by TVNZ, will no longer be broadcast on SKY NEWS.

SKY NEWS CEO, Angelos Frangopoulos, says. “The decision to create SKY NEWS NZ Evening News as well as produce New Zealand News Week from Prime’s Auckland broadcast facility further strengthens our commitment to our New Zealand based production. SKY NEWS has a number of programmes that specifically cater to its New Zealand viewers and the channel will continue to build on its New Zealand presence.”

On top of that, starting this Sunday, principal Prime News anchor Eric Young will host the Prime News – First at 5:30 bulletin from Sunday to Thursday as opposed to his current Monday to Friday roster.

The existing Prime News – First at 5:30 and New Zealand News Week broadcasts will be produced by SKY NEWS at Prime’s Auckland studios. The broadcasts are supported by Prime’s production resources and SKY NEWS’ 24 hour news service.

The Prime News service will continue to air live on SKY NEWS Australia every afternoon at 3.30pm Sydney time, offering New Zealanders living across the Tasman a unique opportunity to get the latest news, sport and weather from home.