Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Episode-2-Joffrey-Dead-1024x576Sky’s Director of Corporate Communication emailed me late on Thursday night to address some of the points raised in a post from Monday titled “Which king should be toppled? Joffrey or Sky?”

Regarding this story I thought I could clarify a few things.

Game of Thrones was not available in Australia on iTunes until the whole season had aired on Foxtel. If you want to watch it fast tracked you have to subscribe.(the costs you quote are for delayed viewing).

Unfortunately, this isn’t true.  Game of Thrones was available on iTunes in Australia the day after it had been broadcast on Foxtel’s Showcase channel. Continue reading »

Last week, a giant statue of Game of Thrones King Joffrey came toppling down as part of Sky Television’s marketing campaign for the new season premiere on SoHo. The episode went on to become one of the most downloaded of all time.

While Sky’s #bringdowntheking campaign attempted to convince viewers to fork out a considerable amount of cash and subscribe, Haydn Green from Consumer is suggesting that the only king that needs to be bought down is Sky themselves. Continue reading »


Disappointed The Stone’s aren’t touring?

SKY ARENA is excited to be screening a very special concert event this Saturday afternoon, THE ROLLING STONES SWEET SUMMER SUN – HYDE PARK 2013.

The team at SKY ARENA are huge fans of The Rolling Stones and when they heard of the postponement of their NZ tour, pulled out all the stops to arrange this very special screening.  Best of all, it will be available FREE to all SKY domestic customers. Continue reading »

star_wars_rebels_villian_a_lLast month we reported that Australia were getting two new channels, Disney XD and Disney Movies. Sky have confirmed to us today that those channels won’t be joining Sky.

As you know we have been, and will continue to screen a dedicated SKY Movies Family channel around the school holidays periods which is proving very popular with subscribers.    There are no current plans to add the two exclusive made-for-Foxtel channels – Foxtel Disney Movies or Disney XD – to the family line up here. Continue reading »

Sommet-Logo-300Once again, another channel which had exclusively been available on Freeview has arrived on Sky.

From April 14, 2014, Sommet Sports will bring free sports coverage 24/7 to every New Zealand household. Sommet Sports commences a new satellite service on Freeview and launches on SKY Channel 069.

It has been a long anticipated launch onto satellite for Sommet Sports. Now, in addition to their current UHF broadcast, satellite broadcast on both SKY and Freeview will give the recently launched television company similar coverage to that of every major New Zealand TV station. Continue reading »

star_wars_rebels_villian_a_lWell.. to Australia at least.  The Walt Disney Co. is launching Disney XD and Disney Movies on Foxtel in Australia in April.  We’ve asked Sky as to whether these new channels will also end up here so as soon as we’ve heard something we’ll let you know.

They will join the two pay-TV channels the company already operates here, the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

Foxtel Movies Disney is a new channel made up of classic Disney titles, contemporary live-action and animated features, as well as Disney-Pixar box office hits. Titles to air from April 10 include Monsters University, The Lion King, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, CarsAlice in Wonderland, Bambi, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Brave, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

Established tween boy brand Disney XD will carry the exclusive premiere of Star Wars Rebels, the new animated series from Lucasfilm that takes place in the time between Star Wars Episode III and IV. An hour-long special and shorts will premiere on Disney XD slightly before the series launch in October. Continue reading »

skytv_logoI was asked yesterday to provide a comment for Fairfax about Sky’s latest financial report which showed that subscribers were down but those that were sticking with the subscription service were signing up for more and more premium products.

Sky TV’s days of holding a virtual pay-TV monopoly could be numbered, as Telecom’s proposed ShowMeTV joins Quickflix to nip at the broadcaster’s heels, media analysts say.

The Pay-TV provider’s half-year net profit bounced up 22 per cent to $85.1 million for the half-year to December 31, but editor Regan Cunliffe said the broadcasting behemoth now had competition. Telecom’s internet streaming service ShowMeTV is open to non-Telecom subscribers, but content details were minimal. Continue reading »

Not having the biggest music awards show on their subscription based service, Sky have now added the Brit Awards to their line up, meaning Lorde’s opportunity to scoop up some more gongs will be able to be seen live here as well.

The BRIT Awards will screen express from the UK on UKTV Thursday 20 February at 8.30pm, giving SKY subscribers the chance to see whether Kiwi pop-phenomenon Lorde can add a BRIT to her ever-increasing list of achievements.

The BRIT Awards, hosted by James Corden, are the most-anticipated night in the British music industry calendar. Continue reading »

tracksidevia the Tipline

A new page has been set up on Facebook to draw attention to the fact that Trackside is moving exclusively to Sky, something that racing fans are calling a “backward step” for the sport. Of course, this is nothing new. (Rugby, cricket, netball anyone?)

In early January it was announced that Trackside would be moving exclusively to SKY, commencing April 14. The page is intended to gain support towards keeping Trackside on the Freeview Platform. The reason has been published as “cost cutting”. However, as a result, many will miss out on Racing; somewhat of a backwards step towards the promotion of the sport.

Some argue that an extended deal with SKY has only been signed if Freeview was cut, there are many speculations. The page is intended to gain support towards keeping Trackside on the Freeview Platform. Continue reading »

TVNZ_buildingFrom the same SST article as the previous post, TVNZ’s CEO Kevin Kenrick suggests going into a bidding war with Sky for pay TV content:

TVNZ could even compete with Sky Television to acquire the pay-television right to overseas shows, which it could charge viewers to watch on the internet or through Freeview or Igloo, Kenrick says. “I think it is a very real possibility for us.”

I bet this comment went down well in Mt Wellington.

It is unfathomable to me that the CEO of our state broadcaster would publicly outline a strategic move that would no doubt piss off one of their commercial partners.  Sky quite likes their little monopoly and the thought that they might have to sacrifice some profit in order to shut the door on the SOE from taking away content rights will no doubt have Tony O’Brien on a flight to Wellington to pay Craig Foss a little visit. Continue reading »