Sky Mobile TV service launches today with 8 channels for your 3G mobile: Sky Sport News, Sky News, MTV, E!, CNN, Cartoon Network, Sky Movies, and Discovery Channel.

Costs $2.50/week and if you sign up before 31st March, you get the first 3 weeks free. You can cancel at any time.

Juha is going to give it a try and report back.

From the 1st of March 2007, the channel numbers on Sky Digital will change. Sky says that they’re currently at a point where they can’t fit in any new channels until they’ve tidied up the ones they’ve already got. Their new satellite will make many more channels become available.

The channels will be grouped according to the types of programmes they have. All the movie channels will be in the 20’s, sports are all in the 30’s, family in the 40’s and so on.

Here are the new channel numbers…

General Interest:

0 Preview
2 2
3 TV3
4 Prime
5 SKY1
8 Living Channel
9 Food
11 E!
19 Maori TV


20 SKY Movies 1
21 SKY Movies 2
23 MGM
24 TCM
25 Rialto Channel
26 Pay Per View Preview


30 SKY Sport 1
31 SKY Sport 2
32 SKY Sport 3
35 Trackside
36 Rugby Channel


40 Disney Channel
41 Nickelodeon
42 Cartoon Network
45 Playhouse Disney

Family Interactive:

50 Playin’TV
51 Mindgames


60 MTV
62 Juice TV
63 J2
64 C4
65 Alt TV


70 Discovery
72 National Geographic
73 History Channel
74 Documentary Channel
75 Animal Planet
79 Arts Channel


90 Sky News
91 CNN
92 FOX News
93 BBC World
98 Weather

Special Interest:

110 Southland
111 Shine

Sky Box Office:

200 SBO Events
201-16 SBO Movies
217 Playboy
218 Fresh
219 Spice: Xcess


300 KTV1
301 KTV2
302 JTV
303-09 CTV 1-7
310 CCTV9
311 WTV Audio
312 WTV Audio
315 Star Plus


400 NZ Chart
401 Pop
402 Smooth
403 Grooves
404 Jazz
405 House
406 50s & 60s
407 Party
408 Rock
409 Country
410 Classical
411 Kids
412 Blues
413 Theme


500 Kiwi FM
501 National Radio
502 Concert FM
503 Niu FM
504 George FM
505 Tahu FM
506 Calvary Chapel

There are gaps in the numbers for possible future channels without having to renumber all the channels again.

Sky TV and Fairfax media have come together to produce a monthly sports magazine called “Sky Sport”. It will target people who like to read and a gap in the market for an intelligent sports magazine. Eric Young, Prime News presenter, is the editor.

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“stuffed” on PC World forums has been frustrated using MySky:

MySky is a great product and have had it now for a year and most things work well except for Series Link on TVNZ. Series Link works 100% of the time on any Sky Channel but not on TVNZ. There is some technical problem where it will work for a week or so and then simply drop out – and not record. Sky says to reset the box – no problem but how often do you have to keep doing this?!

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SKY Television today announced that STAR PLUS, the 24-hour Hindi general entertainment channel, will launch at 8am on the 1st January 2007.

The channel will be available on Channel 91 to all residential SKY Digital subscribers, for an additional monthly charge of $9.99.

Ab aegaa mazaa! (Now we can have some fun!). STAR PLUS offers a versatile programming line-up that includes popular soaps, drama series, serials, game shows, comedy, music-based shows, travel and cooking shows, blockbuster Hindi films, a special programming band for kids and more.

STAR PLUS, the flagship channel of India’s STAR network, is the undisputed king of Hindi general entertainment in India. Launched as a full fledged Hindi channel in 2000, today over 65 million viewers worldwide tune-in to STAR PLUS every week and spend almost twice the time on STAR PLUS than on any competition channel. In the last 6 years STAR PLUS has secured it’s ranking as India’s No 1 channel, consistently garnering an average of 42 out of the top 50 shows across all channels in the Hindi speaking markets.

John Fellet, SKY Television CEO, says, “SKY Television always seeks to add value by developing a greater choice of quality content to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. We are extremely pleased about the addition of STAR PLUS which will offer our Hindi speaking audience everything from blockbuster Bollywood movies to popular soaps, chat and game shows.”

Vodafone today announced it is linking up with Sky Television to provide a new cellphone service, Sky Mobile TV.

From early next year Vodafone customers with 3G handsets will be able to watch Sky television channels via their phone.

Subscriptions will cost $2.50 per week and will include a made-for-mobile news channel, plus sport and documentary programmes.

Some channels will be broadcast as live and others will be edited for mobile.

Sky TV head John Fellet said “Our strategy is to offer content to customers anytime, anywhere so that they can watch what they want, when they want to. SKY Mobile TV enables people to keep up with the latest news, sport and entertainment wherever they are.”

* Vodafone purchased BellSouth in 1998 with 138,000 customers.

* It introduced texting to the New Zealand market for the first time.

* It now has about 2.1 million mobile customers and a market share of 55 per cent.

* It launched its 3G network in August 2005, which offers video telephony, music downloads and TV downloads.


Sky Mobile TV

SKY Television and Vodafone today announced SKY Mobile TV. The new mobile service is for customers of Vodafone with 3G handsets.

The service will be available from early 2007 with at least eight channels for $2.50 per week.

As an introductory offer, early subscribers will receive the first three weeks free.

SKY Mobile TV will deliver a variety of entertainment and information channels, including an exclusive made-for-mobile news channel [Sky News] plus sport and documentary programmes. Some channels will be broadcast as live and others will be edited for mobile.

Channels include: SKY Sport News, SKY News, SKY Movies, CNN, MTV, E!, Cartoon Network, Discovery.

SKY will also broadcast live sports events including Rugby, International Cricket & European football. These will be available to Vodafone’s SKY Mobile TV subscribers on a pay per view basis.

SKY Television today announced that it will expand its stable of news channels with the launch of Fox News Channel on the 1st December 2006. Fox News Channel will be available to SKY subscribers as part of the SKY Digital Start Up Package on Channel 57.

Fox News Channel is the highest rated news channel in the United States and the fastest growing news channel in the world. The channel will offer New Zealand viewers live news from the United States and around the world, 24 hours a day. Feature prime time programming includes The Fox Report, The O’Reilly Factor, and On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.

John Fellet, SKY Television CEO, says, “Fox News Channel will be a worthy addition to SKY’s news and factual channel line-up which currently includes news channel services BBC World, CNN, and SKY News Australia New Zealand. The new channel illustrates the broad range of programming alternatives we continue to deliver to our subscribers.”

Here’s the promo and logo for the new channel. Judy Bailey is the presenter for NZ’s History Makers.