skytv_logoThe FIFA World Cup began this morning and like practically every other sporting event, Sky has the monopoly on it.  Sport is possibly the most compelling reason why anyone would become a Sky subscriber and while a lot of content can be sourced from elsewhere, it is sport that gifts Sky its dominant position.  That is, up until now.

Last week it was reported that there are possibly 30,000 subscribers in New Zealand to the US streaming service Netflix.  While many are happy to pay money to access scripted content from foreign streaming services, there is a belief that the only option for viewing sport is through Sky.  The reality is that just like Netflix, much of the sport content New Zealanders love to watch is also available via reputable and legitimate sources and the method to gain access is identical.

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netflix-logoIt appears as though some Netflix subscribers in New Zealand have had their access impaired. A number of users took to social media over the weekend to decry the situation.

On Geekzone, 27 pages of comments are dedicated to the subject.

UnblockUS, a VPN service, posted:

we’ve investigated the issue and here is what we’ve found: Continue reading »

the crowd goes wildA reader emailed the tip line last night to say

Tonight, Sky Sport 4, between 8:10 and 8:14pm, a replay of Crowd Goes Wild was airing. After the show went to the ad break, an ad aired, then what appeared to be a portion of off-camera banter between Andrew and Mark was shown. The cameraman was zooming in on various things, the producers were talking in the background. In that clip, very soon after the clip started, Andrew clearly said the words “f*** off” to Mark as the two talked to each other.

The clip lasted about a minute, then an ad was shown, and then the exact same clip aired again, from start to finish, before another couple of ads, then the show resumed as normal.

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not-so-happyHere is an angry dialogue between a faithful Sky subscriber and their customer service team over the weekend.

Me: “Hi, my son spilt a cup of tea into the MySky thingy and it caught fire. I think it’s broken”
SKY: “You need to pay us $571 for a new one, then we’ll put you on the logs for a technician to bring it out”
Me: “But you own it and we rent it off you so being the owner doesn’t your insurance cover it?”
SKY: “No, your insurance should cover it, when you have made your claim and paid us we’ll give you a new one”
Me: “But my insurer doesn’t pay out on things unless we own them”
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The basic package price is about to increase again for Sky Subscribers. The New Zealand Herald has asked me to find a Sky subscriber who isn’t happy about this and would like to make a comment for tomorrow’s paper. If you’d like to let your feelings be known, please contact me ASAP.

Game-of-Thrones-Season-4-Episode-2-Joffrey-Dead-1024x576Sky’s Director of Corporate Communication emailed me late on Thursday night to address some of the points raised in a post from Monday titled “Which king should be toppled? Joffrey or Sky?”

Regarding this story I thought I could clarify a few things.

Game of Thrones was not available in Australia on iTunes until the whole season had aired on Foxtel. If you want to watch it fast tracked you have to subscribe.(the costs you quote are for delayed viewing).

Unfortunately, this isn’t true.  Game of Thrones was available on iTunes in Australia the day after it had been broadcast on Foxtel’s Showcase channel. Continue reading »

Last week, a giant statue of Game of Thrones King Joffrey came toppling down as part of Sky Television’s marketing campaign for the new season premiere on SoHo. The episode went on to become one of the most downloaded of all time.

While Sky’s #bringdowntheking campaign attempted to convince viewers to fork out a considerable amount of cash and subscribe, Haydn Green from Consumer is suggesting that the only king that needs to be bought down is Sky themselves. Continue reading »


Disappointed The Stone’s aren’t touring?

SKY ARENA is excited to be screening a very special concert event this Saturday afternoon, THE ROLLING STONES SWEET SUMMER SUN – HYDE PARK 2013.

The team at SKY ARENA are huge fans of The Rolling Stones and when they heard of the postponement of their NZ tour, pulled out all the stops to arrange this very special screening.  Best of all, it will be available FREE to all SKY domestic customers. Continue reading »

star_wars_rebels_villian_a_lLast month we reported that Australia were getting two new channels, Disney XD and Disney Movies. Sky have confirmed to us today that those channels won’t be joining Sky.

As you know we have been, and will continue to screen a dedicated SKY Movies Family channel around the school holidays periods which is proving very popular with subscribers.    There are no current plans to add the two exclusive made-for-Foxtel channels – Foxtel Disney Movies or Disney XD – to the family line up here. Continue reading »

Sommet-Logo-300Once again, another channel which had exclusively been available on Freeview has arrived on Sky.

From April 14, 2014, Sommet Sports will bring free sports coverage 24/7 to every New Zealand household. Sommet Sports commences a new satellite service on Freeview and launches on SKY Channel 069.

It has been a long anticipated launch onto satellite for Sommet Sports. Now, in addition to their current UHF broadcast, satellite broadcast on both SKY and Freeview will give the recently launched television company similar coverage to that of every major New Zealand TV station. Continue reading »