Snake Crusader with Bruce George

Mondays from 23 March, 9.30pm on ANIMAL PLANET

Onboard his Harley Davidson, Aussie snake charmer, Bruce George goes on adventure across Australia and Asia on a quest to help the not so popular endangered native animals! In this action-packed series, Bruce extends his passion for snakes to help the plight of endangered and often misunderstood animals that in his words, ‘just need mates’. Along his journey, not only does he come face to face with the iconic Cobra and the beautiful yet venomous, Copperhead snake but he gets hands-on helping to capture enormous salt water crocodiles in Western Australia, joins a rescue operation to save Tasmanian Devils from the ravages of a deadly disease and assists at an orphanage for baby Asian elephants in Sri Lanka. It promises to be one animal-packed, emotional ride!