Sommet Sports

The good folks at Sommet Sports may have vanished from our screens but they are determined to bring their little sports channel back to viewers with a little help from some crowd funding. All they need is $300,000!

On 12 December we thought the Sommet Sports dream to have free access to sports for kiwis was over. But thanks to the overwhelming support and determination from our viewers, it seems that might not be the case. We’re getting ready to strike back, better than ever, with our crowd. Continue reading »

Sommet-Logo-300Once again, another channel which had exclusively been available on Freeview has arrived on Sky.

From April 14, 2014, Sommet Sports will bring free sports coverage 24/7 to every New Zealand household. Sommet Sports commences a new satellite service on Freeview and launches on SKY Channel 069.

It has been a long anticipated launch onto satellite for Sommet Sports. Now, in addition to their current UHF broadcast, satellite broadcast on both SKY and Freeview will give the recently launched television company similar coverage to that of every major New Zealand TV station. Continue reading »