Sonny With A Chance

Camera to film Sheen/Warner Bros. court case

The judge overseeing the $100 million lawsuit involving Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. has allowed a news camera into the courtroom to film proceedings. One camera will be present during the case.

Happy Days cast file lawsuit

The cast of iconic sitcom Happy Days have filed a lawsuit against CBS and Paramount Pictures over what they believe to be unpaid royalties from years of home video releases and licensed merchandise using their images. Ron Howard and Henry Winkler are not a part of the suit.

Arrested Development movie progressing

Arrested Development actor Jeffrey Tambor believes that the film version of the show may be going into production as early as next year. Tambor says that a script is near completion and “that you and I could be talking about the making of this film or even it being made by this time next year.”

Lovato to depart Sonny with a Chance

Disney actress Demi Lovato has confirmed that she is leaving the channel’s popular teen sitcom Sonny with a Chance. The 18-year-old will depart the series after two seasons, with the show rebranding as So Random!.

4:00pm Sunday, August 22 on TV2

Teen actress and singer Demi Lovato (Camp Rock, Grey’s Anatomy) stars in the Disney comedy series Sonny With A Chance, Sundays on TV2.

When Sonny Munroe (Lovato), a Midwestern girl with a unique outlook on life, becomes the newest cast member of her favourite live comedy show, ‘So Random’, she can’t quite believe her wildest dream has come true. However, her arrival is much to the chagrin of Tawni (Tiffany Thornton, The OC), the show’s longest running cast member, who doesn’t understand why they need another girl on the show. Thrilled, excited, happy – and scared to death – Sonny must now face the pressures of living up to her dreams and proving she is up to the challenge.

Today, Sonny meets Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight, 17 Again) of the drama series ‘MacKenzie Falls’ in the studio’s cafeteria, and learns of the simmering rivalry between the two teen shows.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 16 August, 6pm

Unable to clear her name from rumours, Sonny decides to return to Los Angeles and finds a surprising friend in Tawni. Sonny enlists Tawni’s aid in driving back to Wisconsin in time for Homecoming and the two embark on a cross country road trip.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 16 August, 5.30pm

When Sonny’s one year anniversary as a cast member on ‘So Random’ approaches, she decides to fulfil her promise and returns to her high school for Homecoming.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 2 August, 5.30pm (Part Two screens Monday 9 August)

When Sonny becomes secretly addicted to watching Mackenzie Falls and blows off an important school project, the gang confronts her about it.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 7 & 21 June, 5.30pm

Season 2 is so Sonny! Monday 7 June; when the rivalry between ‘So Random’ and ‘Mackenzie Falls’ overheats, the two shows are required to participate in trust exercises away from the pressures of the studio.

Out in the woods, Sonny finds Chad’s unusual behaviour confusing.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 10 May, 5.30pm

After a television producer discovers her homemade videos posted on her website, talented Allison “Sonny” Munroe (Demi Lovato) makes the leap from the Midwest to Los Angeles to join the cast of “So Random,” the most popular sketch comedy TV show for kids and tweens.

Tune in to watch the premiere of Season 2 of “Sonny with a Chance”, only on Disney Channel!

DISNEY CHANNEL – Sunday 18 April, from 12pm

Join Sonny and the “So Random” crew as they bring you an afternoon of laughs with a marathon of episodes from “Sonny with a Chance”. Then from 6pm, catch the premiere episode “Sonny in the Middle” where Sonny buys an X9000 Gaming Chair as a joint birthday present for Grady and Nico. The chair becomes a problem when Nico and Grady are unwilling to share it with each other. They end up having a falling out and Sonny desperately tries to find a way to patch up their friendship.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Mondays 5 & 19 October, 5.30pm

In “Tales From The Prop House” (Oct 5), the cast of “So Random!” receives 24 hours notice that their beloved prop house will soon become the meditation room for the “MacKenzie Falls” cast. After reminiscing about past sketches and great memories, the “So Random!” kids decide to put up a fight and win their room back.

DISNEY CHANNEL – Monday 14 & 28 September, 5.30pm

In “Battle of the Networks’ Stars”, Chad hires teen star Selena Gomez to play Sonny in a movie he is producing about his life. Meanwhile, Tawni is fooled by a fake Nico and Grady. Selena Gomez (Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”) guest stars as herself.