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Homeland picks up Lost actress

Lost actress Zuleikha Robinson has been cast in the second season of Homeland. The british actress played Ilana Verdansky on Lost between 2009 and 2010.

Game of Thrones finale extended

The second season finale of Game of Thrones will run an extra 10 minutes longer than usual for a total of 64 minutes. Continue reading »

Skins actor returning to series

Former Skins actor Jack O’Connell will re-join the series for a special collection of episodes next year. The actor, who featured in the third and fourth seasons, played James Cook.

Lost actor joins Sons of Anarchy

Lost actor Harold Perrinaeu has joined the cast of Sons of Anarchy for its fifth season. The actor, who played Michael Dawson in Lost, will take on the role of an ex-drug kingpin. Continue reading »

Brand to host 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand will host this year’s MTV Movie Awards to be held in LA on June 3.

Sons of Anarchy game on the way

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has confirmed that a console video game based on the series is in the planning stages of development. Continue reading »

9:30pm – Wednesday, May 16 on TV 3

It’s Sons of Anarchy season finale time, and the only question on fan’s minds is: Is Clay (Ron Perlman) going to die? Find out when Sons of Anarchy concludes its action-packed fourth season on Wednesday, May 16 th at 9:30pm on 3.

Clay has certainly done enough to be killed. This season alone, he involved SAMCRO in drug-running for the Galindo cartel, killed one of the club’s founding members, ordered a hit on Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) old lady Tara (Maggie Siff) and beat his own wife Gemma (Katey Sagal) to a bloody pulp. And this is all on top of Jax finally founding out that Clay conspired years ago to kill Jax’s father. “I’m actually blown away by the fact that we are in season four and we’re doing s— that I only imagined would be dealt with when we were winding everything up,” Ron Perlman explains. “I can’t believe that [creator, Kurt Sutter] has the chutzpah to deal with this now and feels that’s there plenty of room to top this. He’s reshuffling the deck and changing the dynamic of everything. We have the best of all possible worlds here: We have something incredibly climatic, and then we have room for the reinvention of the saga.”

Make sure not to miss the Sons of Anarchy season four finale, screening on Wednesday, May 16 th at 9:30pm on 3.

Seacrest returning to Idol

Ryan Seacrest has confirmed he will be continuing on as host of American Idol. His new deal is said to last at least two years.

New series from Sons of Anarchy creator

The creator of Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter, is launching a new Discovery Channel series that will focus on the world’s most notorious gangs and crime families. Continue reading »

9:30pm – Wednesday, April 4 on TV 3

If Sons of Anarchy, screening on Wednesday, April 4 th at 9:30pm on 3, has taught us anything, it’s that club members who rat out their brothers to the authorities don’t usually live to talk about it.

Last week’s episode saw this season’s rat, Juice (Theo Rossi), take matters into his own hands. After providing Sheriff Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) with a sample of the cocaine SAMCRO is now moving for the Galindo cartel – an effort that had already required Juice to shoot and kill one of his fellow members to protect his secret – Juice climbed a tree, made a noose with a chain and leapt to his apparent death.

“There was just no other way,” Rossi explains. “Running is not an option. He couldn’t live with himself anyway. So, there’s no other option for him and that’s where it all just crumples for him.”

Juice’s tragic turn of events was first set in motion when Roosevelt, acting on the orders of Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon), blackmailed him into informing on his club by threatening to reveal that Juice’s father was black – a fact that would prohibit Juice’s membership based on the club’s racist bylaws.

Rossi says Juice had no choice but to go along. “Juice is this loner, who was looking for a family,” he says. “The club is literally everything for him. He doesn’t have the wife and the kids or a family at all. It is just him and the club… He doesn’t want to see the big picture of it, which could be the end of the club – the end of his life as he knows it.”

Furthermore, Rossi says Juice doesn’t necessarily believe he is being a rat. After all, Potter and Roosevelt already knew about the cocaine without any help from Juice. “He rationalises [his actions] by thinking, ‘If I just get this guy a half gram of coke, he’s going to leave me alone’,” Rossi says. “Juice is so brilliant with computers and technology, but he’s an idiot socially.” “He wants to believe that this is going to end with just doing this one thing. But doing that one thing turns into an utter nightmare for him.”

The nightmare only got worse when club president Clay (Ron Perlman) gave Juice a coveted “Men of Mayhem” patch reserved for the most dedicated SAMCRO members.

“It is the acceptance from a father that he never had,” Rossi says. “This is the reason he got into this, to get this patch, to have this guy tell him, ‘good job’, which he never hears. It breaks him and makes him realise that ultimately, he can’t go on like that. He can’t bare that burden. He’s finally gotten the acceptance he has tried for forever, but he’s been accepted under a falsehood, under a lie. And that kills him.”

Now, as Juice’s life hangs in the balance, Sons of Anarchy continues on Wednesday, April 4 th at 9:30pm on 3.

9:30pm – Wednesday, March 14 on TV 3

This week sees Knight Rider himself, Mr David Hasselhoff joining the cast of Sons of Anarchy when the series continues its latest season on Wednesday, March 14 th at 9:30pm on 3. The former Baywatch star will play Dondo, a former porn star who is now making his living by producing sleazy girl-on-girl adult films.

Hasselhoff says that he jumped at the chance to star as the less than honourable Dondo. “I said, ‘A porno king? Awesome!'” he explains.

“I don’t care how big the part is! If it’s one line, give me this role!’ I get to say ‘big c**k’ on TV.” “I couldn’t wait. I literally dropped everything in London, changed my whole schedule, jumped on an airplane, and flew back to do the part,” he continues.

Revealing further details about his character, Hasselhoff says: “I get involved with trying to take down another character – played by Tom Arnold – who was, at one point, my boss.”

“They’ve already talked about bringing me back,” he continues. “I hope that’s true and I come back to continue the story of my relationship with Tom Arnold and the Sons of Anarchy gang.” Make sure not to miss David Hasselhoff in Sons of Anarchy when the series screens on Wednesday, March 14 th at 9:30pm on 3.

Sons of Anarchy game planned

A Sons of Anarchy video game is under discussion according to the show’s creator Kurt Sutter. “Soon to be taking meetings about an SOA game,” he tweeted. “Have a major gaming company interested. Trying to figure out costs, platform and timing.To do a quality platform-based game costs tens of millions and takes years. We’re toying with the idea of a high-end browser-based game.”

Lawrence cast in comedy pilot

Martin Lawrence will feature in a new comedy pilot about a man who loses his job in construction before pursuing a career in the police force.

Pullman and Snow join 1600 Penn

Bill Pullman and Brittany Snow have joined a new comedy pilot called 1600 Penn. The White House comedy will see Pullman playing the President with Snow playing his eldest daughter.

Tomlin cast in new pilot

Damages actress Lily Tomlin has been cast in the new pilot for ABC called Malibu Country. The comedy will focus on a recently divorced mother who must raise her children while working to reignite her singing career.

9:00pm – Wednesday, February 15 on TV 3

A lot can change in 14 months. And for the members of the motorcycle club at the heart of Sons of Anarchy, the time that passed between seasons may spell the end of SAMCRO forever. Sons of Anarchy returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, February 15 th at 9pm on 3. Last season’s finale found Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Clay (Ron Perlman) and several other club members heading to prison to serve their plea deal sentence. Though the season opens with the club’s year-later release, they emerge changed men.

“Jax has had a lot of time to think about the last three years of his life,” creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter explains. “He is perhaps a guy that thinks too deeply for this life. I think that becomes clear this season in terms of where his goals are and what his plan is.”

Sutter says the plan is basically to ensure that Jax and his Old Lady, Tara (Maggie Siff), are able to escape Charming and give their newly expanded family a shot at a non-outlaw future. That effort will be complicated by the fact that Tara has a pile of letters written by Jax’s father that could implicate Clay and Jax’s mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal), in the death of Jax’s father.

Jax’s potential exit from SAMCRO is also hindered by his respect for the brotherhood. “There is a part of him that at least wants to leave the club whole,” Sutter says. “He doesn’t want to leave the club in chaos nor does he want to bail on the club like he believes his father has bailed on the club.” “Jax is a little bit of an idealist and it’s probably his tragic flaw. He has these ideals that he strives for that ultimately are antithetical to the lifestyle. It’s hard for things to work out OK.”

Make sure to find out just what’s in store for Jax and his SAMCRO brothers when Sons of Anarchy returns for its fourth season on Wednesday, February 15 th at 9pm on 3.

Sons of Anarchy renewed

A sixth season of Sons of Anarchy has been commissioned before the fifth season has even premiered. The commission is part of creator Kurt Sutter’s new deal with Twentieth Century Fox.

Blair joins Sheen in sitcom

Selma Blair has been confirmed to appear in Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom Anger Management. The actress will play the therapist of Sheen’s character.

Garcia lands lead role

Former Better With You actress JoAnna Garcia has landed a lead role in a new comedy pilot which focusses on a man who realises that his best friend is the love of his life.

Cannavale joins Boardwalk Empire

Actor Bobby Cannavale has landed a major role in the third season of Boardwalk Empire. Cannavale will play a “charismatic but ruthless gangster”.

O’Quinn to guest in Falling Skies

Former Lost actor Terry O’Quinn has signed on for a guest role in Falling Skies. O’Quinn will appear in two episodes of the series.