Each weeknight at 6.30pm from Monday April 5th

One of the most popular animated series, South Park: Season One brings to fans old and new the animated show that became an Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award nominated phenomenon… and perhaps the desensitisation of the word “Jew” to the modern language.

You know Stan March, Kyle Brofloski, Eric Cartman and Kenny already and if you don’t,  what planet have you been living on? Not to worry though – Season One’s episodes, including anal probes, gay animals, Christmas poo and “Mecha-Streisand” will have you all acquainted to the folk of South Park, Colorado.

Check it out from Monday April 5 at 6.30pm.

All New South Park

Tuesday / February 5th / 9.30pm

South Park fans rejoice! The second half of season 11 returns to C4!

Picking up where we left off in ‘07 with episode 7 “Night of the Living Homeless” – homeless people are showing up in South Park in large numbers. The town is sick of them eating trash, sleeping the parks and begging for change in the streets, so the boys decide to do something about it. They travel to a nearby town to get advice on how they solved their homeless problem, only to find out that the way they solved it was by forcing all their homeless people to migrate to South Park!

The series also includes the acclaimed (and stunning) trilogy “Imaginationland” – three episodes in which the boys find themselves with the entire contents of the world’s imagination laid before them! The final episode in the trilogy drew more viewers in the U.S than any South Park episode, since 2000.

South Park returns – Tuesday February 5th / 9.30pm