Step Dave

StepDave.092309On Wednesday we published an article that stated that the ratings for TV2’s new drama Step Dave rated considerably lower than the final season of Go Girls and even Revenge from the year before.  As it now turns out, the ratings data we had been provided was incorrect.  It was initially reported that the show had only drawn an average audience of 194,250 viewers.  The actual average audience was significantly higher and was in fact 272,200 viewers.  That 40% discrepancy justifiably caused anguish amongst those at the network and production company who have been inundating me with complaints.

If we make the same comparisons as we did in the original post, Step Dave in fact rated higher on debut than any of the episodes from the fifth season of Go Girls. Combine that with the fact that it is February and people are still generally not inside watching TV in their droves just yet and the numbers don’t look anything like they did 24 hours ago. Continue reading »

SD 18 (Kimberley Crossman as Stacey)-640 (c) SPPTonight, Kimberley Crossman returns to screens as the delightfully psychotic “Stacey” in TV2’s new local drama Step Dave.

What does your job entail?
Learning lines and bringing words on a page and the character to life.

If you could have any other job in the TV industry, what would it be?
Writing. I am working on a few of my own things but have become really passionate about writing, especially comedy. Being a story liner or writer on an established show in NZ would be really fun!
Finish this sentence: The new TV show I can’t wait to see is… Continue reading »

TV2 started playing this promo last night for their new comedy/drama Step Dave which is “coming soon”.

What do you think?

StepDave.092309Local drama has really not gelled with viewers in 2013 as it has in previous years so I’m hopeful that a new series like Step Dave will rekindle viewers primetime decisions.  TVNZ have called it a “key pillar” of their 2014 season and describe the chemistry between the two leads as electric but also point out that shooting hasn’t started yet.

Brand new local comedy/drama series, Step Dave, is set to take viewers on a rollicking journey of romance, drama and laughter on Tuesday nights on TV2 in 2014.

Created by well-known New Zealand writer, Kate McDermott (Go Girls, Outrageous Fortune) and produced by South Pacific Pictures, Step Dave follows Dave, a 24-year-old Kiwi slacker whose life is turned upside down when he meets the woman of his dreams, Cara – 15 years his senior with three kids and some serious baggage in tow. Continue reading »

nz-on-air-logo-300I can’t help but wonder if Step-Dave is what is being funded over a sixth season of Go Girls.

NZ On Air is pleased to announce funding for two new drama series.

When We Go To War is a Platinum Funded drama that will form a significant part of NZ On Air’s contribution to the centennial commemorations of World War One.

The Platinum Fund supports quality content that says something special about New Zealand and which may require a higher level of public investment to get made.

When We Go To War is a mini-series that will chronicle both the front line and life back home in New Zealand during the tumultuous early twentieth century. It is produced by Robin Scholes (Once Were Warriors, What Really Happened: Waitangi,  Mr Pip), written by Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan, and directed by Peter Burger. Continue reading »