Step Up to the Plat

Weeknights from April 6 at 9.30pm on Food Television

Each episode of this fast paced, fun new cookery contest sets teams of three ambitious, yet amateur cooks against two of UK’s top professional chefs. The challenge is to design and execute the perfect menu, consisting of starter, main course and dessert. With a cash prize and reputations at stake, the competition is fierce! To level the playing field, the amateurs are given three months to design and practice their menus, whilst the pros must produce their own version of the competitions menu on the spot! With just thirty minutes to prepare all three dishes, it’s not only a battle of skills, but a race against the clock. The competition comes to a close with food critic Loyd Grossman taste testing the goods. Blind folded, our critic cannot favour his fellow culinary colleagues; he must respond entirely to the dishes presented before him on taste alone. At the end of each episode the ultimate question is proposed; will the experts reign supreme? Or will the amateurs Step Up To The Plate?