Considering this happens all too often now, how long will it be before a Mediaworks current affairs show covers this:

Television presenter Miriama Kamo and her husband Michael Dreaver have admitted carrying out illegal work on their Waiheke home.

Kamo and Dreaver entered guilty pleas at the Auckland District Court, in relation to charges laid under the Building Act, according to court records. Continue reading »

GlorivaleThere have been a number of accusations that Seven Sharps coverage and an insider look at Gloriavale tonight is just copying of Campbell Live’s recent expose on the community. It’s not the first time this has happened, as you’d well expect. Current affairs is current affairs.

I do have a question though. I know that TV One’s Sunday had a feature on Gloriavale on the 19th of April and that Campbell Live has had extensive coverage since then but what I’m not aware of is, was there any specific coverage prior to this?

I can see that there was a story in March about a family that left the community and went to Timaru but has there been any coverage that you’ve seen other than this on either channel?

I cannot count the number of times I have heard people refer to this whole Seven Sharp and current Campbell Live review as being due to the “fact” that no one wants to sit through 90 minutes of news and hard hitting current affairs any more.

You’ve heard that too, right?

If you look at a typical weeknight, you’d expect to see One News with an average audience around 636,000 viewers and Seven Sharp around 430,000. 3 News has around 235,000 viewers per week night and Campbell Live is up to 205,000.

Now if 90 minutes really is a stretch for people, then can someone please explain to me how the two hours between 6pm and 8pm on a Sunday night on TV One are two of the highest rating hours on TV in any given week? Continue reading »

Probably not Sunday.



TV ONE’s Sunday has a new addition, with Libby Middlebrook bringing her first story to programme this weekend. Middlebrook joins host Miriama Kamo, and reporting team John Hudson, Janet McIntyre and Ian Sinclair.

Sunday is New Zealand’s most-watched current affairs programme, with an average of 600,000 viewers tuning in each week so far this year. Continue reading »

The Great Food RaceThe information in this post was based on incorrect ratings data provided by Nielsen TAM.  The correct analysis can be found here.

If you thought last week’s ratings for TV3’s new cooking show were bad for Sunday night in prime time, this week’s are even worse.

Last night, The Great Food Race only managed to draw an average audience of 116,560 viewers.  This was down 22% on its debut last week.  Further more, the difference between the audiences for it and Masterchef New Zealand increased with TV One drawing more than three times the audience this week.

It was, however, bad news for the networks overall last night.  Despite trouncing the competition, Masterchef New Zealand slumped to its lowest rating in 5 seasons Continue reading »

The battle was always going to be interesting to watch.  TV3 were venturing into the Food format and taking on Masterchef in prime time on a Sunday night.  It was a bold move.  They started half an hour earlier in the hopes that they’d be able to woo viewers away from TV One and keep them hooked before Masterchef began.  It didn’t happen.

Sunday won the night with 628,670 viewers while TV3’s The Great Food Race was crushed with 149,950.  Masterchef New Zealand, on the other hand, opened their new innings with an average audience of 449,030.

Masterchef New Zealand’s 5th season was the second lowest debut behind the second season which eventually went on to be the highest rating of the series so far.

Masterchef New Zealand Season Premiere Ratings 5+ Continue reading »


On Friday, TVNZ sent out a press release talking up the ratings for Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules.  Masterchef, they told us, had “more core viewers than ever before” in the key 25-54 demo.  Overall though, it was the lowest rating finale of the four seasons to date.

Last night, Sunday returned to hour long episodes and bounced back to an average audience of 662,450 viewers compared to the week earlier where it only drew in 507,170.  From 8pm, TV One dropped down to 383,410 for Food Truck and then 287,420 viewers for Packed to the Rafters.  Overall, TV One was down approximately 15% on last Sunday night.  With the numbers dropping away as they have post Sunday, one must wonder if TVNZ should just run it for two hours while X Factor is on. Continue reading »

William-Roache-GMThe UK media has picked up on another comment made by Coronation Street actor William Roache in New Zealand this week.

After getting a savaging in the tabloids for his comments regarding victims of sexual assault on TVNZ’s Sunday, the British media is again criticising the 80-year-old this time for a piece of innuendo on Good Morning.

During a cooking segment with Jeanette Thomas, Roache went to chop a tomato but discovered that Thomas had already done so. Continue reading »

Coronation Street’s William Roache takes in a bit of cricket at Eden Park this afternoon. Continue reading »