Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites

Thursday, May 22nd at 8:30pm

Straight to your television set from America, 3 brings you the exciting Survivor: Fans Vs Favs final, followed by a reunion special hosted by Jeff Probst, screening Thursday, May 22nd at 8:30pm on 3.

This season of Survivor saw a slight departure from the regular format of the hit reality series, instead of the usual brand new contestants Survivor: Fans Vs Favs saw 10 Survivor super-fans pitted against 10 Survivor players of the past.

This exciting new concept allowed Survivor fans the opportunity to play the game against people with lots of past experience. However determining who should be on the show as a fan became a tough task for producers.

“We wanted to find the biggest fans that we had like Kathy, who applied seven times,” Jeff Probst told American TV Guide upon the announcement of the new contestants. “We almost put her on Vanuatu. She’s crazy to the point of being so wacky, that it’s peculiar, but at her core, she is a huge Survivor fan. She knows everybody that ever played and she wanted to play. That’s what we were looking for in everybody.”

Probst also described the first time the fans met the favourites as being like a rock concert, saying that they were screaming and cheering to see the returning players, that was of course until they realised that they weren’t there to make friends.

According to Probst, it wasn’t easy choosing the 10 fan favourites to come back and play the game for a second time. “I had hoped to see Shane Powers (Exile Island) and Yul Kwon (winner of Cook Islands) back on the show but there wasn’t a spot for them. “

However one favourite, Tom Westman (winner of Palau) was offered the chance to come back but refused saying that it would ruin the good image he has maintained among the fans.

This could have proven to be a wise move as Survivor is certainly no place to make friends, and this is definitely true in tonight’s final as the remaining castaways compete in the final challenges and battle it out for $1 million prize money.

Following the final is a reunion special hosted by Probst where the castaways come face-to-face for the first time since being voted off the island, and reveal what went on behind-the-scenes.

Make sure not to miss this nail biting season finale and reunion special when Survivor: Fans Vs Favs screens on Thursday, May 22nd at 8:30pm on 3.