Survivor: Samoa

Samoa looks set to host several more seasons of Survivor following reports today the Pacific Island nation has been booked.

While no official announcement has been made, travel sources are saying that Samoa’s Aggie Grey’s Resort has been block booked for four months from May 16 for four months.

Tonga was initially slated as the next host nation but CBS pulled out due to a lack of resources on the islands.

The 19th and 20th seasons of the American reality show were filmed in Samoa in 2009 and with seasons 23 and 24 looking set to be based there, Samoa will become the most popular venue for the show.

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7:30pm – Thursday, January 28 on TV 3

It’s been a season of medical evacuations, escaped chickens, and multiple hidden immunity idols but mostly Survivor: Samoa has been the season of Russell Hantz. But will the Survivor fan favourite manage to become the competition’s Sole Survivor? Find out when Survivor: Samoa concludes its action-packed season on Thursday, January 28th at 7:30pm on 3.

As Survivor: Samoa fast approaches its conclusion, host Jeff Probst speaks to Entertainment Tonight about the often loved, often hated castaway.

“He came in from the first day going, ‘I am going to tear this game up.’ He was consistent,” Probst explains.

But not only did Probst share his thoughts about Hantz, he also revealed how each contestant will be remembered if they become the 19th season’s Sole Survivor.

Here’s how the host sees it through his crystal ball:

Russell Hantz: “Like him or not, he will go down as the greatest player of all time. Period.”

Mick Trimming: “He’ll take his money, marry his fiancée, and will most likely never be asked back on Survivor.”

Natalie White: “She will join Jenna Morasca, Danni Boatwright and Parvati Shallow as the 4th ‘hot woman’ to win Survivor and will most definitely be asked back for a future all-star season.”

Jaison Robinson: “He will be regarded as one of the most well-spoken winners and will be remembered for keeping his integrity intact while playing a very dirty game.”

Brett Clouser: “As nice as he is, people will not remember Brett, Brett will not be asked back again, and Brett probably won’t care.”

But the question still remains – which one of these five survivors will be taking home the $1 million? Find out when the tribe speaks and the Survivor: Samoa winner is announced on Thursday, January 28th at 7:30pm on 3.

I can’t think of another episode where the 2 main players were so out of control of the situation. Russell wasting his immunity idol and Eric so confident at tribal council.


Has there been a better episode?



7:30pm – Thursday, December 10 on TV 3

Over the last six weeks Russell Swan has pushed his body to the brink, and unfortunately for the survivor, Swan has now paid the price for it. Survivor: Samoa screens on Thursday, December 10th at 7:30pm on 3.

This week’s instalment of the hit reality series saw the medically-influenced evacuation of the 42-year-old attorney, thus making Swan the seventh castaway eliminated from Survivor: Samoa.

But despite the unfortunate circumstances under which Swan’s Survivor journey came to an end, host Jeff Probst says that while Swan had already passed out twice and seemed incredibly disoriented by his surroundings, he still would have had an opportunity to avoid being medically evacuated if he could have recovered on the spot.

“Our doctors assured him that if his vitals came back strong they would allow him to stay in the game. Nobody wanted Russell to go home,” Probst wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

“When Russell passed out for the third time, I got very worried. Then his heart rate dropped 30 beats in less than a second. I was watching the heart rate monitor and when I saw it move from 97 to 68, I was honestly concerned that we were losing him. Forever. Even writing this brings back the same emotion.”

Probst added that the Survivor medics “were not exaggerating or play acting when they started pounding on Russell’s chest and repeating his name, asking him ‘Russell, are you with us?'”

“It seemed to go on forever, his eyes not moving, not responding to anything,” Probst continued.

After that, Probst said it was determined that Swan had to be medically evacuated from the competition – making him the seventh castaway eliminated from Survivor: Samoa.

So how will the remaining 13 castaways deal with Swan’s sudden departure? What will happen to his alliances, to his tribe? Find out when Survivor: Samoa continues on Thursday, December 3rd at 7:30pm on 3.

7:30pm – Thursday, October 29 on TV 3

In one of the most beautiful Survivor locations yet, 20 castaways are left to fend for themselves among Samoa’s white sand beaches, lush green valleys and towering waterfalls when the season premier of Survivor: Samoa hits our screens on Thursday, October 29th at 7:30pm on 3.

The long-running reality series’ 19th season will begin with the 20 castaways being divided into two tribes and immediately forced into choosing a leader before having the opportunity to converse with one another.

“This group reminds me a little bit of Fans vs. Favourites in terms of there’s a sense of fun and actually looks like they’d be fun to hang out with,” Survivor host Jeff Probst reveals in a statement.

“From the start of the game, Survivor embraces this Samoan culture by incorporating an ancient tradition of electing an individual leader of the village,” Probst continues, explaining this season’s format twist.

“Without speaking, both tribes must immediately choose one member of their group to become their sole decision maker, their chief,” he explains, adding; “How important will the role of tribal chief be in determining the fate of each tribe?”

In addition, this season’s cast will also include one castaway who series producers proclaim will emerge as the biggest villain in Survivor’s already very villain-full 19 season history.

“One of these castaways will become the biggest Survivor villain ever,” Probst explains about the yet unnamed castaway.

Will you be able spot this Survivor baddie before the rest of the castaways catch on to his, or her, evil ways? Find out when all 20 are introduced in the Survivor: Samoa season premiere, screening on Thursday, October 29th at 7:30pm on 3.